Club Poker has become a reference medium in the poker world – it is the French #1 poker website. Its strong audience and its visitors' profile make it the ideal support for your communication.

Our banner ads offer

Club Poker banners

Our classic commercial offer consists of banners situated at the top of the web site. Banner are present on all the site's pages, including the homepage. As the Club Poker is adapted to all platforms (desktops, tablets, smartphones), you'll be able to create specific formats to address all our visitors.

You can decide how many banners you want to display, and for which period of time. The banners campaigns are available to all budgets, starting at $500.

To receive a comprehensive documentation (prices, availability), please drop us an email to

Full site takeover: for a maximum impact

Club Poker covering

By opting for the complete site takeover, you'll give to your brand an exclusive presence for:

  • 24h (minimum)
  • 48h
  • 72h (maximum)


Site takeover is ideal for an event communication, and allows you to reach all our visitors. You'll have specific formats at your disposal for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

To receive a comprehensive documentation (prices, availability), please drop us an email to

Goods vs. visibility

You want to reach the real poker players? Nothing's better than a great poker tournament, with prizes that will please not only poker players, but also all the website's visitors.

We take care of the tournament's organization and promotion (including a homepage flyer, a forum discussion topic, a full tournament page…), and you add the prizes of your choice, depending on your brand activities. That might be clothes, coupons, books, DVDs, software licences… The poker tournament is a great way to advertise your products, to communicate around your brand, and to aim the poker players population.

To discuss your project, please drop us an email to

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Free tournaments and added prizes

The Club Poker organizes freerolls and special tournaments with added prizes.
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