Thursday March 31, 2016 at 8:13 pm
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Dan Bilzerian rode a bicycle from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in under 48 hours to cash a $1.2 million prop bet against high-stakes gambler and futures trader Bill Perkins. In addition, Bilzerian did not lose his private plane to Hollywood impresario Rick Solomon in a side wager. The original prop bet by Perkins entailed Bilzerian riding a bicycle from his home in the Hollywood Hills to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, which he had to complete the 300-mile journey in under 48 hours. Bilzerian, who was not an avid biker, trained vigorously to win the wager and even employed Lance Armstrong to advise him with training. A couple of weeks earlier, Samantha Abernathy earned $10,000 by winning a prop bet against Bilzerian for completing a similar bike ride from Vegas to L.A. in under 60 hours.

Dan B Boobs 3b
Dan Bilzerian relaxing before his epic ride from Vegas to L.A.

I love a good prop bet. But this Dan Bilzerian bet on his Vegas to LA bike ride is kind of crazy. On Tuesday afternoon, Bilzerian began his 300-mile journey from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign toward Los Angeles. Followed by an armada of vehicles, Bilzerian completed more than 160 miles on the opening day. By 10pm Wednesday night, Bilzerian was only 25 miles outside Los Angeles and even had an escort from LAPD to help him navigate traffic.


High-stakes poker pro and natural gas trader Bill Perkins likes putting the screws to his fellow poker players. He's the guy who got Antonio in hot water (er, warm piss) down in the Bahamas after Antonio Esfandiari got DQ'd in the PCA Main Event for urinating in a piss cup in order to win a "lunging" prop bet against Perkins. Initially, Perkins offered cash to Rick Solomon (most known for the guy with the tumescent dong in the Paris Hilton sex tape, but lesser known as one of the ex-husbands to Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty) to make the journey through Bat Country. Solomon balked, but Bilzerian accepted the challenge. Of course, any strenuous activity could have killed Bilzerian, who admittedly had a weak ticker after suffering multiple heart attacks fueled by snorting way too many stiff-prick pills and way too much blow during a orgiastic, stripper-banging bender that would give Sly Stone or Charlie Sheen a run for their money.


Bilzerian and Perkins each put up $600,000 and agreed to the terms. The news of the $1.2 million prop bet sent the poker and gambling world into a tizzy. There must have been millions of dollars in side action wagered among poker pros and degen-gambling fans alike. Bilzerian was dead set on winning and heavily vested with over $125,000 spent for special equipment and supplies. Bilzerian took along several bicycles, including a special tricycle, or recumbent bike, that alleviated pain and prevented the 300-mile ride from "tearing the ass" out of him. Bilzerian knew the journey was possible, because he lost $10,000 to Samantha Abernathy after she pulled off a similar ride in under 60 hours.

Bilzerian-Perkins Prop Bet Rules

  • 1. Dan must complete the race in 48 hours or less.
  • 2. If Dan gets arrested, the bet is a wash.
  • 3. If Dan gets pulled over, time will be added to the clock.
  • 4. There can be no motor or assist added to the bike.

During a month of intense training leading up to the ride, Bilzerian hired Lance Armstrong to give him some training tips and pointers with climbing hills. Instead of a consulting fee, Armstrong asked Bilzerian to donate $25,000 to his child-cancer charity. Armstrong flew out to Vegas to assist with training. Watch video highlights from Armstrong's trip here.


Bilzerian's support staff included a small army of friends, family, scantily-clad eye candy, a doctor, nutritionist, chef, bike techs, and masseuses. His caravan and mini-armada of tour buses, RVs, and vans commenced the arduous journey at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign approximately 3pm local time on Tuesday. From the get go, the send off was a circus-like atmosphere.


After viewing the initial video clips from Day 1, haters were already calling out Bilzerian for angle shooting with his funny-looking recumbent bicycles, or the fact he was using a production van to draft off of. Drafting is a major element to racing (both cycling and auto racing) and Bilzerian definitely gained an advantage by riding right behind the van. He supposedly ditched the controversial van half-way, but the first day of the trip was already full of controversy.

21 hours in on 300 mile bike bet with @bp2269 @dronefly

A video posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Bill Perkins

Gambling and women are Dan Bilzerian's addictions and weaknesses.

High-stakes gambler Haralabob snarked that Bilzerian could have had an invisible fishing line attached to his bike to assist him with a treacherous hill leading out of Nevada toward the California state line.


According to Michael Kaplan from the New York Post, "Bilzerian originally planned to take a break every 50 miles, though he's occasionally made pit stops after 30. During stops, says Perkins, a paramedic weighs Bilzerian and instructs him what to eat. Bilzerian also changes clothes and bikes (he has two-wheelers designed for uphill, downhill and straightaway riding)."


Bilzerian did not pass up an opportunity to monetize this adventure. He created a new site -- -- which included both free and pay content. For the low price of $9.99, or the same price as a box of condoms, you could purchase a full access pass to view all the behind the scenes action. For a cheaper alternative, Bill Perkins posted several Periscope videos during the first day, including one of the breaks in which Bilzerian was spotted getting a deep massage.


Perkins didn't make it easy for Bilzerian with a bit of psychological warfare and something he referred to as Team Distraction. Yes, Perkins filled up an RV with three busty ladies and loads of booze. "They will be trying to seduce him," added Perkins. "He might wind up having sex with them. Gambling and women are Dan Bilzerian's addictions and weaknesses."

Perkins is already thinking about his next big prop bet. He offered Lance Armstrong to ride Vegas to LA in 15 hours and although Armstrong considered the trip...he declined. Perkins also offered Bilzerian other insane challenges like sailing from the Americas to Europe, free falling from space, or swimming in a tank full of sharks. Even though he's a few bucks richer, this is the not the last time you're going to hear about an outrageous Bilzerian prop bet. After all, this is the came guy who supposedly wagered $2.3 million on a coin flip, or raced cars for nearly $420,000 when he smoked a Ferrari with his Shelby Cobra.


"I'm on the right side of this wager whether I win or lose," Perkins told Michael Kaplan in the N.Y. Post. "If Dan wins, he deserves it. Considering the expenses and the amount of money he has, I'm amazed that Dan took this bet for $600,000!"

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Russia's Roman Korenev outlasted 1,083 players to win 2019 WSOP Event #26 $2,620 NL MARATHON for a score worth $477,401 and his first bracelet. Luis Zedan, originally from El Salvador, won his first bracelet in Event #30 $1,000 PLO for a score worth $236,673... but he said he'll be donating 35% of his winnings to charity. Also, Robert Campbell from Australia won Event #33 $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw for $144,027.

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2019 WSOP: Greg 'FBT' Mueller wins 10K HORSE bracelet, Thomas Cazayous wins bling

Former hockey player turned poker pro Greg 'FBT' Mueller won his second bracelet after taking down 2019 WSOP Event #29 $10,000 HORSE. Canada's Mueller outlasted 172 players to win $425,347. He went ten years in between bracelet victories. Also, over in Event #31 $3,000 NL 6-Max, French pro Thomas Cazayous faded 754 players to win $414,766.

Friday June 14, 2019 at 3:33 pm
2019 WSOP: The Grinder notches fifth bracelet with Stud 8 win

Ship it to the Grinder once again. Michael Mizrachi outlasted a field of 460 entrants to win 2019 WSOP Event #27 $1,500 Seven-Card Stud 8 for his fifth piece of WSOP jewelry. Mizrachi took down the $50K Poker Player's Championship last year and followed up with a bracelet in the second week of action at the WSOP. Also, Steve Song took down Event #28 $1K NL for a $341,854 score and his first bracelet.

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2019 WSOP: John Gorsuch wins Milly Maker; Rami Boukai, Jorden Fox, and Andrew Donabedian win bling

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2019 WSOP: Jim Bechtel wins 2nd bracelet 26 years after winning 1993 Main Event

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2019 WSOP: Eli Elezra wins 4th bracelet and Josh 'loofa' Pollock wins online PLO

Eli Elezra won 2019 WSOP Event #20 $1,500 Seven-Card Stud for his fourth bracelet and his second one in Stud. Elezra banked $93,766 for defeating Anthony Zinno heads-up for the bling. Also, Josh 'loofa' Pollock shipped one of the online bracelet events. Pollock outlasted a virtual field of 1,216 runners to win Event #24 $600 ONLINE PLO 6-Handed for $139,740.

Monday June 10, 2019 at 3:25 pm
2019 WSOP: Frankie O'Dell ships 10K O8, wins third bracelet

Old-school O8 player, Frankie O'Dell from LA, won 2019 WSOP Event #18 $10,000 Omaha 8 for a score worth $443,641. O'Dell faded a field of 183 players to win the Omaha 8 Championship. Dell won his third bracelet of his career, with his last one coming back in 2007 during the peak of the online poker boom. O'Dell survived a difficult final table that included Robert Mizrachi, Shaun Deeb, and David Benyamine.

Sunday June 9, 2019 at 6:08 pm
2019 WSOP: Isaac Baron, Murilo Souza, Brett Apter, and Sean Swingruber win bracelets

The 2019 World Series of Poker continued at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas and we now have four more bracelet winners. Brazil's Murilo Figueredo won Event #14 $1,500 HORSE for a score worth $207,003. In the Event #15 $10,000 NL Heads-Up Championship, Sean Swingruber defeated Ben Yu for the bling and denied Yu a fourth bracelet. Isaac Baron finally won a bracelet. The pro from LA took down Event #16 $1,500 NL 6-Handed for $407,739. Brett Apter outlasted 917 runners to win $238,824 and a bracelet in Event #17 $1,500 NL Shootout.

Friday June 7, 2019 at 2:24 pm
2019 WSOP: Dan Strelitz wins 5K NL and Yuval Bronshtein wins 2-7 Lowball

We have a couple more first-time bracelet winners from the 2019 WSOP. Daniel Strelitz won his first bracelet when he faded a field of 400 runners in Event #11 $5,000 NL. Strelitz banked $442,385 for first place. Maria Ho finished in fifth place. Over in Event #13 $1,500 NL Deuce-to-Seven Lowball Draw, Israel's Yuval Bronshtein won his first bling and banked $96,278.

Thursday June 6, 2019 at 2:41 pm
2019 WSOP: Scott Clements ships Dealer's Choice, Jeremy Pekarek wins Deepstack

Scott Clements won his third bracelet and only had to wait approximately 12 years to win once again. Clements outlasted a field of 470 runners in Event #10 $1,500 Dealer's Choice. He banked $144,957 for first. Over in Event #9 $600 Deepstack, local pro Jeremy Pekarek faded a juicy field of 6,150 runners to win $398,281 and his first bracelet.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 at 1:30 pm
2019 WSOP: Alex Epstein wins first Short Deck bracelet

Alex Epstein outlasted 114 runners to win Event #8 $10,000 Short Deck NL. Epstein binked the WSOP's first-ever Short Deck event. Epstein banked $296,227 for first place and simultaneously knocked out Thai Ha and bracelet winner Anson Tsang on the final hand. Meanwhile, Daniel Park outlasted a field of 2,452 runners to win Event #12 $1,000 NL Super Turbo Bounty for a score worth $226,243.

Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 1:49 pm
2019 WSOP: Ben Heath wins 50K High Roller, Dan Zack ships Mixed Triple Draw

British pro Ben Heath outlasted a field of 110 runners to win the 2019 WSOP $50,000 High Roller title. Heath banked $1,484,085 for first place. His final table also included the likes of Andrew Lichtenberger, Elio Fox, Chance Kornuth, Sam Soverel, Dmitry Yurasov, Nick Petrangelo, and Cary Katz. Also, you can add Dan Zack's name to the list of first-time bracelet winners. The New Jersey pro was considered one of the best pros who went deep at the WSOP, but never won a bracelet. He can finally cross his name off the list after Zack won Event #6 $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw for a score worth $160,447.

Monday June 3, 2019 at 7:54 pm
2019 WSOP: Derek McMaster and Yong 'LuckySpewy1' Kwon win bracelets

The 2019 WSOP is underway with three more bracelet winners after the opening weekend of action. Nicholas Haynes, a dealer at the Aria, won Event #1 $500 Casino Employee Event for $62,345. Derek McMaster won Event #4 $1,500 Omaha 8 for a $228K score. Yong 'LuckySpewy1' Kwon won the first online event of the summer with a victory in Event #7 $400 Online NL that included a final table featuring Phil Hellmuth.

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