Here are the frequently asked questions about the Club Poker. Check them out if you have any interrogation about the web site.

What's the purpose of registering on the Club Poker?

Club Poker is the latest (and nicest :) ) poker community. It started in France in 2002, and is now available in english. Many services are available on the Club Poker (like Poker Map, the fastest way to find poker tournaments all over the World), and they are gradually deployed on the english version.


Registering at the Club Poker allows you to:

How to play Club Poker tournaments?

Club Poker organizes tournaments every week. To be able to play them:

  • That's it :)

Who can play the Welcome tournaments?

The Club Poker welcome tournaments can be played for 1 month after you've declared your poker nickname on a poker room (using this page).

For instance: by declaring your PokerStars nickname on november 10th, you'll have access to PokerStars welcome tournaments until december 10th.

Then, if you declare your Unibet nickname on november 29th, you'll be able to play Unibet welcome tournaments until december 29th.

How can I be part of the Club Poker rankings?

To be part of the Club Poker rankings, you simply need to finish ITM (In The Money) in Club Poker tournaments that have a checkered flag on the tournaments calendar. You'll score points depending on your performance.

How can I display my poker results on my profile?

When you perform at specific online poker tournaments, the results are displayed on your Club Poker profile.

But only under the following conditions:

  • You must declare your poker rooms nicknames

How can I change my Club Poker display name?

You can change your Club Poker display name once every 6 month in your account settings.

How can I edit my account details?

Open your user menu on the top-right of the page (by clicking on your name), and choose "Edit Profile".

You can say a few words about you, tell the city where you live, your website address if you own one, and choose to display or not your poker nicknames and results on your profile page.

A tournament password is not working

If the password you got for an online tournament seems to be not working, try to type it directly with your keyboard, without doing a copy & paste.

Be careful not to be confused with the letter O and the number zero.

Please also check that the poker nickname you have declared is the good one!

Why does my last name appear on my profile page?

Your last name is NOT publicly visible on your profile page.

Only you can see it, because you're logged into the Club Poker.

The other community members can't see it.

What is holothurianism?

For each of your post, you may receive a positive or a negative rating. Your reputation is the sum of all the ratings you've received.

So, if you're an appreciated member, you'll get a positive reputation, otherwise a negative one.

But holothurianism is even better than that :)

It allows to differentiate 2 members who would have 2 identical reputations (for instance +100), but:

  • one of the 2 members would have a +100 reputation with 200 messages,
  • the other one would have a +100 reputation, but having posted only 50 messages.


The 2nd member is then a more appreciated member than the 1st one, because he managed to get +100 with only 50 messages, versus 200 messages for the 1st one.

Holothurianism represents this difference, by being the ratio between a member's reputation and his total of messages. In this way:

  • The 1st member gets an holothurianism of: 100 / 200 = 0,5 = 50 %
  • The 2nd member gets an holothurianism of: 100 / 50 = 2 = 200%


The higher a member's holothurianism is, the better this member is liked from the whole community, taking into account the number of messages he posted.

How can I change my status?

I just registered to the Club Poker, and the word "fish" is written under my display name.

But I'm not a poker fish!

How can I change that?


→ Answer: you can't change it :)


Why that? Because this status is related to your reputation in the community. The more you'll receive positive rankings (+1), the better your status will become.


Only very active members, with more than 3 000 posts, are able to change this status to whatever they'd like.

How can I delete my Club Poker account?

You simply need to request it in the Support section.

I have another question…

If your question is not listed above, please send a request in the Support section.

We'll answer to you as soon as possible :)

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