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GG Poker History


The Good Game Network established in 2014 when it launched it Asia. The online poker network focused on Chinese and Southeast Asian players. In subsequent years, European skins joined the growing Good Game Network. GGPoker became a primary site for European and Canadian players.


GGPoker has become the European client for the second largest online poker network in Asia. Aside from PokerStars and the IDNPoker network, there is not other site that has more players that GGPoker.


GGPoker focused primarily on recreational players. GGPoker outlawed third-party tracking software like Poker Tracker or HUDs.


GGPoker created its own game analysis took known as PokerCraft. Through PokerCraft, you can access your results and stats.


GGPoker added celebrity ambassadors and well-known poker pros, but their emphasis as always been on having fun at the virtual tables. As a result, GGPoker has become known for a lot of beginner players and fishy games at the low limits.


Short-Deck Poker has become a popular game in Asia over the last decade. Short-Deck has become a popular game for high rollers in Europe and the Americas. GGPoker provides ample opportunity to learn the nuances of the hold'em variant with all of the low cards removed.


GGPoker bonuses

GGPoker sign-up bonus: Get $100 as a sign-up bonus

Deposit $20 and recieve $100 in tickets :

  • Day 1 : 4 tickets at $1 and 4 tickets at $2
  • Day 2 : 4 tickets at $1 and 2 tickets at $2
  • Day 3 : 4 tickets at $1 and 2 tickets at $2
  • Day 4 : 3 tickets at $1 and 3 tickets at $2
  • Day 5 : 3 tickets at $1 and 4 tickets at $2
  • Day 6 : 2 tickets at $1 and 5 tickets at $2



Cash game tables have a weekly average of 1,000 players. At peak hours, it could reach as high as 10,000. Even as of Midnight London time, there were 70,000 players online with 4,300 at cash game tables.

GGPoker Software


GGPoker's software was developed by NSUS Ltd. Several other skins on the GGN network also utilize NSUS software.


The app is sleek and clear. It's not clunky and they keep it simple. Sometimes things can get a little glitchy if you're playing four tables at the same time. But overall, the software is smooth and feels modern.


You can download a desktop version or an app version for mobile phones and tablets.

GGPoker Lobby

The GGPoker Lobby is divided into four main category or tabs.

Home Area: The general spot to find promotions, tournaments, news, and other special features.


Hold'em Area: Dive into cash games. GGPoker offers both 6-Max and 9-Max full ring. Various limits are available in Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hold'em. There's also Short-Deck Poker.


Rush Area: Rush & Cash is GGPoker's version of Rush/Zoom poker. You can quickly fold and get seated at a new cash game table for continuous action.


PokerCraft Area: One of the most important spots on GGPoker allows you to monitor your progress. You can track your winnings, losses, tournament results, and leaderboard positions.




Cash games are available for Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and 6+ Short-Deck.


In traditional Texas Hold'em, cash games are 6-max and available for as little as $0.05/$0.10. The highest limits are $100/$200.


Omaha cash games of the PLO variety has limits ranging from $0.50/$0.10 and up to $10/$20.


6+Short Deck eliminates all the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s from the deck. The hand rankings are slightly different. Do not forget that flushes rank higher than full houses and that the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9.


Short Deck tables are 5-handed. There are also special bonus jackpots if players hit a big hand like a royal flush, straight flush, quads, or a flush.


You can buy-in for as little as a dollar at all tables. There's no max buy-in, so go crazy and buy-in for as much as you'd like.


There's an option to play All-In or Fold cash games in both Hold'em and Omaha. You have two options, shove or fold. All players start with 8 big blinds. These tables also have a special jackpot worth an 800 big blind bonus if you hit a straight flush in Hold'em or a royal flush in Omaha.



No matter what time or day, or whatever time zone you live in, there's tournaments around the clock 24/7 at GGPoker. The network hosts tournaments with a minimum $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.


The best aspect of tournaments is the staking function You can now take a shot at bigger buy-in events with your friends and family buy-in a piece of your action. You can also buy a piece of action from the top pros on the site, including GGPoker Ambassadors.


Deals are encouraged. If you make the final table, there's a function for you to discuss a deal with the other players at the final table.


On Sundays, GGPoker hosts the GGMasters along with Sunday Main Events, High Roller Bounty Warmup for $210 buy0in, and Phase tournaments for as low as $250.


There's also no shortage of Bounty Hunter tournaments. Knock out opponents and earn cash bounties regardless if you cash in the tournament or no. The farther you go and more players you bust, the more bounties you collect.


GGPOker hosts a daily schedule of High Roller events, including an expanded schedule for Sundays. There's even Short-Deck High Roller events. The biggest buy-in for a High Roller is $1,000 during the week. On Sundays, there are four High Rollers with a $5,000 buy-in


GGPoker also runs special events like WSOP Super Circuit, in which actual World Series of Poker Circuit rings were up for stake.



If you're a pro, semi-pro, recreational player, or weekend warrior, then GGPoker has a special menu of Sunday tournaments known as the GGMasters. It's perfect for anyone who wants to log-in all-day Sunday and grind it out.


The GGMasters has a $150 buy-in and a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. It starts at 4pm UTC every Sunday. It's an old-school freezeout with zero rebuys or add-ons.


Satellites for the GGMasters run around the clock for as low as $1.50.


GGMasters also has a special Player of the Year Leaderboard for the GGMasters series. Players that finish in the Top 10 are eligible for special prizes including freerolls and a shot at become a GGPoker Ambassador. Yes, that's correct. If you win the Player of the Year Leaderboard, you can earn a special payday worth $500,000 as a new GGPoker Ambassador. GGPoker will honor their top Sunday Grinder with an ambassadorship.



Spin & Gold tournaments are winner take-all tournaments that combine a luck factor that will determine the final prize pool. Depending on the wheel spin, the total prize cool could be multiplied. The majority of wheel spins result in a 2x prize pool, but they have other special multipliers that can boost the Spin and Gold prize pool to juicy amounts up to $600,000.


Spin & Gold tournaments have four different tiers of buy-ins: $1, $5, $20, and $50.


The $1 Spin & Gold wheel spins offer a chance to win up to $12,000.


The $5 Spin & Gold wheel spins offer a prize pool worth up to $60,000.


The $20 Spin & Gold wheel spins offer a chance to win up to $240,000.


The $50 Spin & Gold wheel spins offer a chance to win up to win a whopping $600,000.


Daily tournaments run all day long every hour on the hour for as low as $4 and as high as a $150 buy-in. All Daily Guaranteed tournaments have a minimum of $100,000 guaranteed prize pools.


There are also other types of daily tournaments including the Daily Big, Turbo, Daily Hyper, Daily Deep Stacks and Main Event. Minimum buy-ins are $5 with the exception of the Daily Hyper, which has a buy-in for as low as $2.


For Omaha players, there's a special Omaholic daily series with 12 Omaha tournaments every day. These Omaholic tournaments have buy-ins that range from $1 to $30.


High Rollers will love the around the clock access to High Roller events. On Monday through Saturday, there are two $1,000 buy-in High Rollers. On Sundays, there are three $1,000 High Roller events and three events with a $5,000 buy-in.



GGPoker is leading the industry with their staking platform. You can buy a piece of your favorite players and pros, or you can sell off some of your action to spread out the cost of tournaments.


Tournament Staking on GGPoker is easy to use. You can buy/sell at 1% increments up to 100%. You can even back different players in the same event.


Players create a Staking Profile, in which potential backers can check up on your performance records.


Please note that staking is not available for rebuy/add-on tournaments and only for freezeouts.



The GGPoker VIP Program is known as the FISH BUFFET. There are 25 different tiers, which will cater to everyone from an occasional player to a daily grinder. Players unlock bigger prices as they move up in levels.


You do not have to participate in weird challenges to earn points. All you have to do is simply play on GGPoker and you will be rewarded for the more rake you generate. You can receive 100% cashback for your VIP points.


VIP Points in the Fish Buffet are known as FPs. You earn a FP for every cent of rake you contribute.


The BLACK SHARK is the highest VIP level at GGPoker. To reach BLACK SHARK level, you need to accumulate 100,000 FPs in 30 days, which is the equivalent to $1,000 worth of rake.


The starting level, PLANKTON, is easy to achieve if you earn 500 FPs. That's the equivalent of $5 worth of rake. Other levels include Shrimp, Goldfish, Crab, Octopus, and Whale.


BLACK SHARK players are eligible for 50% cashback.



You must be at least 18 years or older to play at GGPoker. Players will have to provide their names and birthdays to open up a play money account. To open up a real money account, players will have to provide proper identification and proof of address, like a banking statement.


You can fund your account with credit cards such as Mastercard and Via. There are alternative funding options including Skrill and Neteller as e-wallet options. For crypto poker players, GGPoker accepts Bitcoin to fund your account.


GGPoker does not charge for deposits. However, cash outs include a $1 withdrawal fee.


Unfortunately, GGPoker is restricted to the USA. Americans are unable to play on the network.


Other restricted countries include: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Cub, Curacao, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Jordan, North Korean, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, United Ara Emirates, and USA.


Chinese Zodiac is a daily tournament series. Check the daily schedule and collect all 12 avatars that correspond with the Chinese Zodiac signs.


On Monday through Sunday, there's a Zodiac Main Event at 21:00 UTC. The Zodiac tournaments at 8-max NL and played in Chinese Yuan currency. The buy-in is only 388 Yuan. The Sunday Zodiac Main Event has a 388 Yuan buy-in with a 258,000 Yuan guaranteed-prize pool. The rest of the week, the Zodiac Main Event has a 188,000 Yuan guarantee.



Daniel Negreanu liked GGPoker's staking software, which is one of the reasons he initial gravitated toward the platform. Of course, the highly-popular Negreanu seemed like a natural fit to become GGPoker's pitchman and ambassador. Negreanu won six WSOP bracelets and has over $42 million in tournament cashes. With the Tournament Staking system at GGPoker, you can buy a piece of Kid Poker in tournaments.


Felipe Ramos, a pro from Brazil, made a name for himself playing under the moniker 'Mojave'. He's a social media guru who has a loyal following. Ramos will be utilizing social media to help promote GGPoker, while tearing it up at the tables.


GGPoker wanted to have the best of the best on their roster which is why they added Bryn Kenney. Kenney, a pro originally from New York, holds the all-time lead for most tournament cashes at $56 million.


Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier has been a rock star in Korea since his early days as an eSports pro. Elky pivoted to poker and the Frenchman has been unstoppable at the tables. Elky holds a rare Triple Crown in major tournaments and he was the first player to ever achieve Supernova and Supernova Elite on PokerStars.


Oh, and you do not have to be a well-known poker pro from TV or social media to become a GGPoker Ambassador. If you can win the Player of the Year Leaderboard in the Sunday GGMasters, then you can win up to $500,000 in bonuses as a GGPoker Ambassador. GGPoker will reward their best Sunday Grinder with a special sponsorship.


Download GGPoker
A $100 bonus when registering
Download GGPoker
A $100 bonus when registering
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  • Daniel Negreanu
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