Thursday November 5, 2020 at 2:43 pm

The High Stakes Duel finally got underway with Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu playing the first 200 hands of their 25,000-hand challenge at $200/$400 NL stakes. It took about 3 hours and 40 minutes to complete 200 hands of their grudge match live at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. After the first 200 hands, Negreanu finished up 2.2 buy-ins and he opened a $117K lead over Polk.


KidPoker strikes first blood! After months of smack talking, posturing, subtweeting, and outright funny wankery, the highly-anticipated heads-up match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk finally began, much to the delight of fans, bettors, and haters alike. There's no shortage of beefs among poker pros, but these two actually put their money where their mouth (and where the SEND button on Twitter) is. Heads-up for rolls! Well, sort of.

Daniel Negreanu came into this heads-up match aka the High Stakes Duel, as a 4/1 underdog against Doug Polk, who was considered a heads-up NL specialist before he retired from poker and stepped away from the game to pursue more fruitful pursuits including broadcasting, YouTubing, and crypto. During Polk's time away from the tables, KidPoker's life also drastically changed. He left PokerStars after being an ambassador for them for over 12 years, he got married, and then joined forces with GGPoker to become their pitchman and ambassador. Along the way, Negreanu stepped in plenty of dog doo, especially after he lost his mind on a live stream during the WSOP Online this summer. The incident blew up and nearly destroyed the intertubes with plenty of KidPoker loyalists and KidPoker haters fanning the flames on twitter, Facebook, and old-school forums.

Doug Polk, the so-called man of the people, had enough of KidPoker's antics and challenged Negreanu to a no-holds barred heads-up joust! After an extend time bickering back-and-forth over the actually battle, the two finally agreed on the forum and stakes. They would joust for 25,000 hands at $200/$400 NL playing two tables at a time online at Polk wanted the matches to be streamed... for the people and fans... but KidPoker hesitated because he did not want to have to show his hole cards on every single hand. They agreed to a hybrid in which the first 200 hands would be played live and in person at the Aria Casino, which would be aired for free on PokerGo and its streams via YouTube and Facebook.

The first 200 hands began on Wednesday, November 4. While most of America kept one eye on the election results, they kept the other eye on this highly-anticipated heads-up grudge match.

Much to the dismay of the bevy of haters out there, the two were cordial and polite to one another. If you tuned in for the first time and had no idea what was happening, you'd almost think the two were BFFs in real life. I'm a multi-universe kinda of guy and I'd like to think that in another timeline, Polk and Negreanu are actual BFFs and they do fun things together like build model airplanes, play in the same fantasy football league, have tattoos of each other's initials on their biceps, and wear matching tracksuits for random events.

But in this timeline, the two hate each other's guts because that's what spending too much time in poker will do to a person. It skews reality and you end up swimming in toxic sewage, so it's easier to hate than to let things slide.

Luckily for us, there's a heads-up joust to watch and gamble on (just ask Matusow, who bet half his bankroll on Negreanu). It's not quite a Hamilton-like duel to the death when these two would've stood behind the Luxor in the parking lot and shot pistols at each other ten steps away. I mean, that would have been waaaaaaaaaay more entertaining and I would've paid $200 to see that happen. But there's laws, even in Nevada, that outlaw old-fashioned duels, so the two could not settle their differences the old-fashioned way. So, to the felt it is!

The first 100 hands did not see much movement. The two were feeling each other out and like two dogs that never met, they were sniffing each other's butts.

Most of the drama happened in the last 30 or so hands. KidPoker flopped trips sixes (ho-hm the anti-Christ) with Carte 10 de trèfleCarte 6 de trèfle against Polk's Carte Dame de carreauCarte Valet de carreau. KidPoker induced Polk to bluff at the pot with air for $44K, and Negreanu trapped him and called.

"I got nothing," said Polk as he shook his head. Negreanu dragged the pot worth over $114K. Polk had to rebuy, while Negreanu surged to 100K.

When the dust settled and after 3:40 of action, the first 200 hands were complete. Polk found himself in the hole $117K, while KidPoker took an early lead. 200 hands down, 24,800 more to go as the action heads to

Latest news
Monday November 30, 2020 at 4:11 am
High Stakes Feud: Polk banked $332K session, Negreanu down $596K

Doug Polk continued his winning streak with two more positive sessions in the High Stakes Feud against Daniel Negreanu. In Round 11, which lasted 416 hands of $200/$400 NL, Polk banked $120K. During Round 12 on Saturday, Polk had his biggest score to date with a $332K score over 684 hands. After 5,751 total hands, Daniel Negreanu is in the hole $596,197 after 12 sessions.

Wednesday November 25, 2020 at 4:01 am
High Stakes Feud: Polk wins Round 10, Negreanu Down $144K

After ten sessions, Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu completed 4,651 hands of their High Stakes Feud at $200/$400 NL. Polk won Round 10, arguably the most exciting session to date, and banked $117,624. Polk extended his lead, while Negreanu is now down $144K with more than 80% of their high-stakes grudge match remaining. They have approximately 45 more sessions remaining at the current rate.

Monday November 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Tom Dwan short deck video staying ahead of the curve

Poker King produced a new video featuring one of their ambassadors, Tom Dwan. Dwan sat down with pro Nick Shulman to discuss how he was able to stay ahead of the curve in the high stakes realm with PLO and Short Deck poker. Many pros regard Dwan as one of the Top 5 Short Deck players in the world, but he's been playing and studying the games much longer during his time playing nose bleed stakes in Macau and Asia.

Thursday November 19, 2020 at 10:10 pm
Sweden's WhatIfGod wins EPT Online Main Event for $1 million

The 2020 European Poker Tour Online series came to a close when WhatIfGod from Sweden outlasted a field of 1,034 to win the $5,200 buy-in Main Event. WhatIfGod defeated Timothy Adams heads-up for the Main Event title and $1,019,081. Bert 'girafganger7' Stevens took down two events at the EPT Online series. Other notables who won events at the EPT Online series included Tatiana 'Mysters_Y' Barausova and Mikita Badziakouski.

Wednesday November 18, 2020 at 5:09 pm
MicroMillions returns to PokerStars with 117 events in 11 days

PokerStars continues their popular low-stakes tournament series with the return of MicroMillions on November 19. MicroMillions will run for 11 days featuring 117 tournaments with modest buy-ins starting as low as $1.10. The largest buy-in is $22 for the MicroMillions Main Event, which also has a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. Overall, the MicroMillions has $3.5 million in guaranteed prize pools.

Tuesday November 17, 2020 at 8:30 pm
High Stakes Feud: Polk Back after first extended session

Doug Polk ended a two-session skid with a small win during Round 6 of his High Stakes Feud against Daniel Negreanu. KidPoker won the first round of $200/$400 NL during a live session at the Aria, before Polk won the next two online. During Round 4 and Round 5, Negreanu erased the deficit and took a slight lead. However, Polk is back ahead by +$67K after 2,374 hands completed.

Friday November 13, 2020 at 5:35 pm
2020 World Series of Poker Hybrid Main Event played at and GGPoker

The World Series of Poker will host a Main Event Championship with a hybrid format that starts online with two brackets (domestic at and international at GGPoker) and then it moves to a live casino to play out a final table (Rio in Las Vegas for US, and King's Casino in RozVegas for international), before a $1 million heads-up finale featuring the winners of each final table that will be played at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas on December 28. The heads-up winner also earns the bracelet.

Thursday November 12, 2020 at 1:55 am
Caribbean Poker Party heads online to partypoker with 10 events

The 2020 Caribbean Poker Party went virtual and the Caribbean Poker Party Online will run starting this Friday, November 13 through November 25 over at partypoker. There will be ten marquee events with over $10 million in guaranteed prize pools. The Main Event, which was won by Adrian Mateos last year, has a $5 million guarantee and a $5,300 buy-in. Satellites are running as we speak.

Wednesday November 11, 2020 at 2:08 am
High Stakes Feud: Doug Polk wins $166K in Round 3

Daniel Negreanu lost a second session in a row and now trails Doug Polk by $268,031 after three rounds of their High Stakes Feud and grudge match. The two slugged it out at and played two tables of $200/$400 NL. Polk banked $166,239 over 382 hands as the challenge reached 1,006. Only 24K more hands to go at $200/$400 NL. Action resumes Wednesday.

Monday November 9, 2020 at 9:21 pm
High Stakes Duel: Doug Polk wins session #2 with 218K

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu played their first online session of their High Stakes Duel over at last Friday, and Polk banked $218K over 424 hands at $200/$400 NL (two tables). Negreanu won $117K during a 200-hand live initial session, but he now trails Polk by $101K after 624 hands of their 25,000-hand heads-up duel. The two will throw down in the High Stakes Duel three times this week on on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:30pm PT.

Friday November 6, 2020 at 2:40 pm
WPT Montreal moved online to partypoker for January 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to fester, organizers at the World Poker Tour decided to still host their WPT Montreal event, but they migrated it online at partypoker instead of playing it out at the Playground. The new 2021 WPT Montreal Online has a $3,200 buy-in with two opening flight, with a single re-entry per flight, starting on Sunday 10 January 2021 for Day 1A and Sunday 17 January 2021 for Day 1B. This event has a $2 million guarantee prize pool. Satellites begin this weekend at partypoker for as low as a penny.

Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 2:56 pm
Mirage poker room in Las Vegas will close

MGM Grand made a tough decision to close the poker room at some of their Las Vegas Strip properties indefinitely. That bold decision includes the shuttering of the legendary poker room at the Mirage Casino, which at one time hosted the biggest cash games in the Vegas. In addition, the suits made a decision to shut down the Mandalay Bay and Excalibur, two low-level poker rooms that used to attract both tourists and locals alike.

Tuesday November 3, 2020 at 2:20 pm
Polk/Negreanu High Stakes Feud begins November 4

The Aria Casino in Las Vegas will host the first 200 hands of the Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk high-stakes challenge that will consist of 25,000 hands of $200/$400 NL. The initial first 200 hands of this event will be captured live on PokerGo and available for free for all poker fans on November 4 at 5pm PT. After that, the two jousting pros will head to to finish off their 25K bout. KidPoker is the underdog at 4/1 odds.

Friday October 30, 2020 at 6:04 pm
Joe Biden betting favorite over President Trump in 2020 Election

Election Day is officially on the first Tuesday in November in America, but many citizens are started early voting due to the pandemic and chaos involving the US Postal service. Oddsmakers universally have Joe Biden as the consensus favorite to win the 2020 US Presidential election, but Donald Trump was an underdog in 2016 and surprised everyone with a victory. Can the incumbent do it again, or have the citizens finally had enough of the clown show in DC?

Monday October 26, 2020 at 8:59 pm
PokerStars introduces EPT Online for next month

For the first time in its history, PokerStars will host an online version of the kind of tournament they'd run somewhere along the tour in Barcelona or London like the old days of the European Poker Tour. PokerStars will launch the EPT Online on November 8 and the virtual festival will run through November 18 with 20 unique events that come along with a $20 million guaranteed prize pool. There will also be 20 additional mini-events called the Mini-EPT.

Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 6:40 pm
Sam Grizzle passes away, once beat up Phil Hellmuth

The poker world said goodbye to one of its last grizzled characters when Sam Grizzle passed away after a massive stroke this weekend. Grizzle, most known as Phil Hellmuth's nemesis, was one of those characters that flirted the line between pro and angle shooter. Grizzle won $1.3 million in tournaments, but won unknown amounts as a cash game player in Nevada.

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