Mar 7, 2019
8:04 pm
($1.96 + $0.24)
Club Poker tournament
Texas Hold'em No Limit
$125 added

3,000 chips / blinds 10 - 20 / rounds 10 min

This tournament has been played on PokerStars.
(Tournament ID: 2547154343)

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This tournament counts towards the Club Poker rankings.
This tournament is reserved to the Club Poker members every thursday at 8:04 pm, until June 29, 2021.

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This tournament has 4 comments:

3 of players ITM were not even Club Members... :88(

Members of Club Poker, don't ever share passwords please! You're doing clumsy assistance to yourself by doing that, can't you see that?! |??

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Too late for me. Are they going to plan something similar in the nearest future? Honestly, I desperately miss gambling in different casinos with a bunch of friends. As you already know, it is impossible to do during a pandemic. Especially after a few local casinos in my area have shut down and never reopened after the first lockdown. I think gambling online is the only possible option right now. I started to gamble on but I never noticed that organized any sort of tournaments. 

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Big Poker League tournament results

Prizepool: $217.12
Duration: 2 h 55 min
Entrants: 47 players
Room: PokerStars
9 paid players
volodpiters volodpiters (Volodpiters)
9 points
strahilius strahilius (strahilius)
6 points
mserviceppua mserviceppua (mserviceppua)
3 points
migesan migesan (migesan)
2 points
alex204 alex204 (FlimP37)
1 point
HeadAche HeadAche (HeadAche96)
1 point
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