Poker is entrenched in our daily lives whether we like it or not. So many poker terms are referenced in everyday vernacular that we often don't realize that we're using classic poker terminology. More often than not, in our professional and personal lives we're using specific skills that many successful professional poker players utilize at the tables.

Poker is an integral part of our culture. It's a common past time that everyone has engaged in at one point or another, either through family or friends. Home poker games in kitchens and basements are fantastic ways to gather your friends for a fun night. Poker has been prevalent in popular culture… in TV, film, and music. Throughout the years, poker has appeared as a storyline in one of the most successful film franchises (James Bond) and television series (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”).

The tech boom helped usher in an online poker boom, and all of a sudden you had instant access to playing your favorite games. You didn't have to fly to Las Vegas or drive to Atlantic City to play poker. Most recently, the tech world ushered in another wave of innovation with mobile gaming apps. You can play poker with your mobile phones and tablets. You no longer have to be sitting at a poker table, or logged into your laptop to play. You can literally play while on the move. Talk about the ultimate freedom!

Poker is played mostly for money, but the online and mobile options offered options to play for free using play money. Beginners could learn the game for free and practice their new-found passion.

From Las Vegas to Macau, and from Paris, France to Paris, Texas, poker is available in many shapes and sizes. That's why poker can be intimidating to a novice, especially with too much information in the never-ending maze of the internet. It can be a daunting task trying to figure out where to start with poker.

Good news! Club Poker is at the crossroads of all things poker. It's not just a website, but a community that caters to both newbies and vets. At Club Poker you can find out all facets of your favorite game from the virtual felt of online poker to the brick and mortar rooms closest to your hometown.


Club Poker is the perfect hub for you to start exploring about poker. Welcome aboard!

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