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I never traveled to Vegas before and I was damn excited by even the name Vegas, I was so energized that I was planning to not sleep more than 4 hours a day to explore more and more of Vegas. (You never know when you will go back). I found some crazy stuff at Vegas few fun ideas are accurately listed here. But being a Poker fan I was super excited to explore this part and what I found out is.  
Playing poker in Vegas is different and excitement also simpler than most people thought. When I was heading for the play I was mixed with so many thoughts that how should I talk? Or how to join in the game. But it all gets easier than I thought. However, one thing you should take care of where you are staying and where you are heading to play. I stayed at Flamingo and they have an awesome poker room. 
When I enter the room I found a sign-in desk and it became easy for me for me to get the information about the game. Once the seat is free and you get the signals to join the game from dealer lets jump in the “Game Begins”. Ok, so once you join in the game like I did then it’s important to note minimum and maximum buy-in for the game. People suggested me 2/4 no-limit but I played and recommend a $1/$2 no-limit game that will have the maximum buy-in of $200 with a minimum ranging something around $40-$100. Make sure you are not drunk at this point otherwise you are very close to empty your wallet.
If you don’t have chips in your hand no worries, I also didn’t have that but the cash will do for you. (Cash can do anything right?) Just put the cash in front of the dealer on the table and he/she will get the chips for you. No brainer. Just give a tip to the dealer for his help. While talking about tip it’s really important for you to understand the importance of tipping in Vegas. And as you are playing poker you need to tip dealers. They are not rich guys your tip is well appreciated by them. Give them $2-$4 tips I give $5 but it's not necessary for you to do the same. 
What I learned from my Poker Game at Vegas and what I recommend you guys are.
i)    You will be surrounded by tourists just like me I myself was a tourist there, so people play with a lot of fun their which means you will be seeing strange and loud expressions on your table to keep your calm and enjoy. No need to get frustrated.
ii)    Don’t take days to think, Yes poker makes our mind think a lot (I wish I think that much for my studies) but take your time that doesn’t annoy the dealer and other players.
iii)    If you feel hungry you can get some nice food at your table but keep yourself in proper Etiquette.   

Playing Poker in Vegas was fun for me and I hopefully believe it would be fun for you guys who never played there. 

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