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Hey at least I made the podium



Soooooo I got the third blog apparently. As I write this I'm wondering if in the meantime some guy will beat me to it and publish it first (ok... third). I almost won second place yesterday night before I decided to go to bed instead of writing it, only to find out this morning Taamer stole it from me. All my life.

Anyway, I started playing poker about 12 years ago, was really into it as a student mostly because I had a lot of time and no money. As I started getting more money and less time from what people would call a "real" job, poker became a friday night hobby. A bit after that I completely stopped playing, even if having professional players as friends always make you wanna make a comeback (i don't know how many time i said "Hey you should coach me, I'd like to play more" only bringing me back to "ok no, let's keep that a recreational thing" after a few games, mostly because everytime I try to make a comeback, I go broke by playing 0.25$ SNG or NL2$ cashgames. I'll pause here so you can laugh at it.


All this introduction to say that today, I'm more interested by what's around poker than poker itself and that's what this blog will be about.

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