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Status Updates


Club Poker is a community open to all of legal gambling age.

Club Poker is made to be a free speech zone. Also, and to make sure discussions guarantee a good and healthy level of fun for the forum as well as its efficiency and its durability, respecting a small set of rules is required.


When creating your profile, the following are forbidden:

  • Signing up under more than one username.
  • Forum signature with commercial content.


For Forum posting:

  • Keep a literate level of language.
  • Arguments should be settled by the mean of private messages and should not pollute a thread.
  • Humor is more than welcome as long as it stays within the respect of others.
  • Always stick to the point. Respecting the « one thread, one subject » rule will make sure we won’t deviate from the original topic and allow us to keep a clean and clear thread of discussion.
  • A thread title should be as explicit as possible (see the FAQ).
  • Flooding a thread (posting numerous messages of no or very low interest) and trolling (posting unconstructive messages in the sole purpose of creating time consuming debates) are forbidden.
  • The moderators will remove any message that could be considered provocative, subject to polemics or nurturing a bad atmosphere on the thread. They will also suspend accounts from members who wouldn’t be in sync with the kind and chilled atmosphere of our community.
  • Any contestation of a moderator’s decision must be made in private.
  • Advertising, of any form, is forbidden.


Messages posted on the forum must be compliant with the law of the member’s country or state:

  • Ads for online gaming site, affiliation links, rakeback links are forbidden.
  • Asking or proposing money transfers between gambling rooms and/or websites are strictly forbidden. Take your responsibilities and use normal ways.
  • Asking or offering any stacking is forbidden, in public or in private.
  • Operating a gambling establishment is illegal. Do not, under any circumstances offer games that involve stakes approaching those of a casino or card room. Any member proposing such activities will see his account banned. Only rakefree, friendly home games will be tolerated.
  • Any provocative, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, insulting, defamatory, xenophobic, revisionist message or post with sole purpose of degrading reputation, integrity or sensibility of other will be deleted and  have its author banned. Any divulgation of private information in public is strictly prohibited.
  • No crack, no warez or any illegal file exchange.



For private messaging:

  • The content of any private message must follow the same rule as the public ones.



Personal liability will be at stake:

  • On every post made by an account.
  • Each and every one is responsible to his account access and the password protecting it. In case of impersonation or hack, take immediate action to alert the moderating team.
  • In case of any message or action going against the law, the Club Poker will transmit any information to competent authorities.
  • In particular, be extremely cautious about private messages. A help proposal could be in fact a malicious attempt at installing a Trojan on your computer. If you have any doubt, alert the moderating team.



Concerning the moderators:

  • The forum has a warning system going as such (warning, private messaging rights suspension, temporary ban, lifetime ban...).
  • Animators and moderators are here to make sure the forum rules hereby stated are respected and the forum is kept a lively space. This team is composed by volunteers only devoting their time for the community.
  • If a message seems to go against any of the previous rules, the simplest way of letting us know is to use the alert button (above every message) to send a message to the moderators and animators teams.
  • The reputation system (+1/-1) is not a toy. Any abuse detected using this system will result in a suspension of the user rights for that system.


The most read and interesting content is grouped in the FAQ and Post-Its section of each forum. Be sure to consult them and make a research before asking a question that could already be answered.


Signing up to the Club Poker implies accepting those terms and respecting the conditions listed above.


Thank you !

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