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    La vraie poste

    Hey guys ! Tell whatever you have on your mind within this thread, even if it brings you to HU4ROLLZ or even better to the post-office. Poker is a great game, it brought us together, but sometimes it is good to let it aside for a few hours, get out in the wild, meet actual people, drink alcohol, do coke, party, shag, and quickly come back ITT to share the CSB with the friends from Le Internet. This is my thread, this is your thread, this is La vraie poste. Enjoy !
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    Someone knows who are the protagonists? Thank you.
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    Ferris Bulleur

    The internet cats thread

    The best thing to do when starting somewhere new is to make our favorite pet feel at home! Every cat related news,picture,gif or story is welcome here,enjoy!
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    NewsFilm Review: Mississippi GrindPoker movies often flounder because they fail to live up to lofty expectations from the audience – both civilians and hardcore players. "Mississippi Grind", directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, but will the film resonate with poker players and other seasoned gamblers? Can "Mississippi Grind" become the next cult classic like "Rounders"? [...] Read more… Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) and Curtis (Ryan Reynolds) embark on a road trip and gambling spree throughout the south.
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    lol ! duplication I can't edit.
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    News2015 WSOP November Nine Less Than 4 Weeks AwayThe final table of the 2015 WSOP Main Event is set. The November Nine features a unique cast of characters including a 72-year old former toy maker from Belgium, a 20-something poker pro who won his Main Event seat through a daily fantasy sports satellite, a tech geek from Silicon Valley, a cagey Israeli, an Italian with a funny name, and a couple of young Americans in hoodies. [...] Read more… The 2015 WSOP Main Event November Nine
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    A small step for members, a big leap for CP.
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    News2015 WSOP November Nine Betting OddsAs expected, the chipleader Joe McKeehen, is the odds on favorite to win the WSOP Main Event. But what do the bookies think about the other November Niners? How do they stack up? [...] Read more… Bookies worldwide are taking wagers on the November Nine
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    very difficult to say: we'have not seen how McKeehen and stern are playing so far. i can bet on Blumenfield to do less than be 3rd
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    I had a dream so big and loud I jumped so high I touched the clouds Wo-o-o-o-o-oh [x2] I stretched my hands out to the sky We danced with monsters through the night Wo-o-o-o-o-oh [x2] I'm never gonna look back Whoa, I'm never gonna give it up No, please don't wake me now (2, 3, 4) Oo-o-o-o-oo This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife Oo-o-o-o-oo This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife I howled at the moon with friends And then the sun came crashing in Wo-o-o-o-o-oh [x2] But all the possibilities No limits just epiphanies Wo-o-o-o-o-oh [x2] I'm never gonna look back Whoa, I'm never gonna give it up No, just don't wake me now Oo-o-o-o-oo This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife Oo-o-o-o-oo This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife I hear it calling outside my window I feel it in my soul (soul) The stars were burning so bright The sun was out 'til midnight I say we lose control (control) Oo-o-o-o-o This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife Oo-o-o-o-o This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife This is gonna be, this is gonna be, this is gotta be The best day of my life Everything is looking up, everybody up now This is gonna be the best day of my life My li-i-i-ife
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    i would like to ban some people here too, give me the rights @WebDesigner !!
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    Jack Eight

    [Las Vegas] Restaurants

    Hi all, I'm planning a trip to Vegas this fall, excited to play and happy to be back in some great restaurants... but I'd love to check new places! What restaurant / dishes did you like recently in Las Vegas ? Any great bargains ? All tips welcomed ! Thanks
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    Hi, found some links to poker festivals scheduled this fall in Las Vegas. Please add more! The "Wynn Fall Classic" is underway: http://www.wynnpoker.com/wynn_classic.cfmNext week at the Venetian Sands Poker Rom, the last DeepStack Extravaganza of the year: http://www.venetian.com/content/dam/lasvegas/venetian/master/main/home/casino/DSE_IV_2015-Schedule.pdfWSOP Circuit stops at Planet Hollywood mid-November: http://www.wsop.com/tourney/tourneydetails.asp?groupID=1175From December 4th to December 19th, the WPT Five Diamond at Bellagio: http://wptmedia.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/WPT-S14-Five-Diamond-Tournament-Schedule.pdf
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    NewsWSOPE Berlin Crowns 8 Bracelet Winners; Main Event UnderwayThe 2015 WSOPE is being hosted at Spielbank Berlin Casino in Berlin, Germany. The Main Event Championship is currently under way. Eight of the total ten events are complete and we have 8 new bracelet winners including Barny Boatman. [...] Read more…
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    Jack Eight

    Niagara Falls

    Hi all, I recently moved in Ontario and would like to play in the Niagara Falls poker rooms. Never been there... which one should I try? any significant differences between Canadian casinos and US casinos? all advices/tips welcomed, thanks!
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    La vraie poste

    Someone gave you bad reputation bro
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    La vraie poste

    Who still play poker nowadays?
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    I wanna be a moderator please.
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    The internet cats thread

    First. Kind of
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    Ferris Bulleur


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    2015 WSOP November Nine Betting Odds

    I bet the house on Max Steinberg with those odds !!!
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    NewsIsabelle Mercier New OFC Brand AmbassadorWhat do Isabelle Mercier, Open Face Chinese Poker, and the legendary music pioneer Giorgio Moroder have in common? [...] Read more… Isabelle Mercier new OFC brand ambassador for Tonybet
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    Well, I guess that's the same for everyone : once we were pisces.
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    yes, but we are downgraded
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    OMG I can't believe it ! Don't tell me it's not true ! You made it guys. Awesome.
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    You've found a bug? 🐛

    Ben ouais, tout est en anglais
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    Ferris Bulleur

    Film review: Mississippi Grind

    How come "Rounders " became THE cult movie about poker?I never got it.
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    Pussy Magnet

    You've found a bug? 🐛

    You're not the sharpest tool in the shed... Cool way to improve your "inglich" imo.
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    Pussy Magnet

    La vraie poste

    Bill Cosby could be the smartest choice for you mate or MJ
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    According to several rumours it could be Shy'm or Little matty but I wish it's the first one. @Introl Come on bro don't be shy.
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