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    who distributes passwords before publication ?
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    Once again, I want to ask - where players take passwords on tournaments before publication passwords? why the administration site allows such violations? then why tournaments have access with a password? why? why a passwords ?
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    NewsNews Dump: Dead Man Poker in Puerto Rico, Ray Bitar Wedding Outrage, and California Passes DFS BillBusy week in the poker world… A man who loved poker died in Puerto Rico, so his friends and family hosted a home-game poker-themed wake with the corpse in attendance… A much thinner and healthier Full Tilt founder and former CEO Ray Bitar got married and the online poker world nearly imploded… In less than six months, California passed a bill that will legalize daily fantasy sports. Yes, DFS got fast-tracked while online poker bills have routinely come up short for the last eight years. [...] Read more… Henry Rosario Martinez plays in one last poker game at his wake
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    Dear James, I see what you're asking.
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    For once in my life, I am first. FIRST, ffs ! You have no clue how much it would mean to my poor Dad. Born in Tenesse, he raised my sister and I in Dayton, Ohio. It was not easy everyday, especially with the sis. I don't know why, but she was getting straight into teenager's crisis at 8. Anyway, being the oldest, I had to keep her mouth shut. This is when the competition began... Every single time we had the change to compete for anything, as much eating pizza than finishing the homework, Dad pushed us against each other. Since then, I purchased all my life, in vain, this unreachable goal. And today, here I am, writing the first entry of the FIRST blog of en.clubpoker.net. I think I might need a FAP. brboobs.
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