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    who distributes passwords before publication ?
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    Once again, I want to ask - where players take passwords on tournaments before publication passwords? why the administration site allows such violations? then why tournaments have access with a password? why? why a passwords ?
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    NewsNews Dump: Dead Man Poker in Puerto Rico, Ray Bitar Wedding Outrage, and California Passes DFS BillBusy week in the poker world… A man who loved poker died in Puerto Rico, so his friends and family hosted a home-game poker-themed wake with the corpse in attendance… A much thinner and healthier Full Tilt founder and former CEO Ray Bitar got married and the online poker world nearly imploded… In less than six months, California passed a bill that will legalize daily fantasy sports. Yes, DFS got fast-tracked while online poker bills have routinely come up short for the last eight years. [...] Read more… Henry Rosario Martinez plays in one last poker game at his wake
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    Dear James, I see what you're asking.
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