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    Looking for a competitive Texas Hold'em tournament or group of poker players in Venice region or Jesolo.
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    NewsPokerStars, Helping Hands, and Hurricane Irma Emergency Appeal FundWhenever a tragic natural disaster hits like Hurricane Irma, most people are overwhelmed with a paralyzing feeling of helplessness. They want to help, but do not know the best way to assist those in need. Many charities are simply collecting for the "next" disaster, so the majority of your financial assistance is not exactly going to those currently afflicted. Luckily, PokerStars has lots of experience dealing with various charities. The online poker site recently announced how their players and other members of the poker community can assist with Hurricane Irma Emergency Appeal Fund. PokerStars teamed up with Helping Hands charity to make sure those in need get assistance. PokerStars will be matching their player donations, so every Dollar, Euro, or Pound counts. [...] Read more…
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