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    NewsDaniel Negreanu calls on all US poker rooms to close during Coronavirus OutbreakDaniel Negreanu tweeted his thoughts on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has hit the US. He wants all poker rooms to close to help prevent the spread of the virus that the WHO upgraded to a pandemic. Meanwhile, earlier in the week PokerStars announced they were suspending tournaments in Europe through April due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. [...] Read more… Pic by Danny Maxwell [PokerStars Blog]
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    NewsSahara Casino in Las Vegas re-opens their poker roomPoker returns to the historic Sahara Casino after a nine-year hiatus. The Sahara branding returned to the property in August 2019 after five years as the SLS. Six months after the Sahara reboot, the new seven-table poker room opened with a soft launch on February 14. The swanky poker room will cater to locals with a better overall poker experience, plus free parking with less than a five-minute walk to the newest room on the Strip in almost a decade. [...] Read more…
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    NewsNew podcast Heart of Poker with Kara Scott888poker Ambassador, Kara Scott, is hosting a new podcast called Heart of Poker. Kara will sit down to have a loose, yet compelling conversation with some of your favorite poker pros by asking a series of questions that are vastly different than the usual form of questioning from poker media. The first episode is available featuring the legendary Chris Moorman. [...] Read more…
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    building a cash oriented site

    I am working on a new poker beginners site, and i created a small questioner to see the community reaction and help focus this site, if you can go in and fill it https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfcDVFXCmkMqVuJdKDe54ke37ZmVH1i7-9c056Mw_YKbkn0gw/viewform and help by sharing it, that will also be great..
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    Newbies tips for me

    have patience
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    Breaking NewsThe Stars Group (PokerStars) sold to Flutter (Paddy Power/Betfair)On Wednesday morning, new broke in Dublin about Flutter Entertainment acquiring The Stars Group. Flutter is a Euro-gaming conglomerate that includes Paddy Power, Betfair and Fan Duel. The merger will make Flutter the largest online gaming entity in the world. [...] Read more…
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    What is this :D An error ???

    Howdy, you do have 2 pairs. You have JJ's and Ace's and he also has JJ's and Ace's however your kicker is a 10, whereas his is a 5. Hence you win. The results of each hand you have is made up of the best available hand from the 5 community and the two cards in your hand.
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    What is this :D An error ???

    Can someone explain me what is happening ? Why i won this hand , here ????? I rly dont get it. i have 1 pair J+J , he have 2 of them J+J / 5+5 ... what the f*ck ?
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    What is this :D An error ???

    A A J J 10 Read the poker rules before asking
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