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  1. Niagara Falls

    Hi all, I recently moved in Ontario and would like to play in the Niagara Falls poker rooms. Never been there... which one should I try? any significant differences between Canadian casinos and US casinos? all advices/tips welcomed, thanks!
  2. Daniel Negreanu Documentary: Kid Poker

    Ouuuups sorry just saw your post. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju_7_595mDE
  3. WSOP 2016: a Team event?

    We're still waiting for the complete schedule of events but Sunday night, WSOP exec Gregory Chochon announced some interesting things during the Poker Show on french radio RMC : - the WSOP 2016 will feature a Team Event, NLH, 1000$ buy-in. Each team play with a single stack but can have 2, 3 or 4 members. It will be a bracelet event. - the WSOP 2016 will have a 565$ PLO event, the cheapest PLO bracelet tournament ever. - the WSOP 2016 should pay 15% of players in almost every event. - the WSOP 2016 will offer 50k chips as a starting stack in every 10000$ buy-in event, including the Main Event. The Main Event structure should be modified accordingly. What do you think? I like those changes! I might try the PLO 565$ and the Team event...
  4. Daniel Negreanu Documentary: Kid Poker

    "There has not been a good poker documentary since Bet Raise Fold (2013)" Have you seen "Nosebleed", @Pauly McGuire?
  5. Hi, the "Kid Poker" documentary will be screened Thursday November 26th at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto (7pm). Daniel Negreanu should be there for a Q&A after the screening. Tickets available through Pokerstars.com VIP store. For those interested, I have one spare ticket (PM if you'd like to attend). I'll try to post a quick review this week-end.
  6. "KidPoker" premiere in Toronto

    It's on Canadian TV (TSN4) next Tuesday, and should be on the Pokerstars blog later.
  7. "KidPoker" premiere in Toronto

    A few thoughts about the premiere. As usual Pokerstars did the things right for the public: they rented a part of the nice TIFF Lighbox Cinemas in downtown Toronto, with a red carpet at the entrance, free pop-corn, and a presentation by James Hartigan and the director Francine Watson. I might write more later about the movie but I can say it's definitely half-success, half-failure. It's well-crafted, and the cinematography is great (some footage from Vegas is incredible). The music selection (the "sad moment piano") is a bit tilting but that's not a major issue. The first part (about Negreanu's childhood, teenage days in Toronto and first trips to Vegas) is nicely documented, with a lot of funny stuff and family footage. It has good rythm and good interviews. But the second part (Negreanu's achievements as a poker pro) is way too long!! Of course Daniel has one of the biggest resumes in poker but we don't need to see every trophy or every winning hand! It's totally boring at the end, which is weird considering he's one of the most entertaining players. That part feels like a looooong trailer, or a slide show... without a lot of emotion. To my surprise, the film-makers never ask Negreanu how he managed to stay "himself" after winning millions at a young age, or how a 7/7 passion like poker can affect relationships. I was startled to see some career choices are not discussed (the Wynn contract, the Pokerstars Pro endosement). During the Q&A Francine Watson confirmed she chose not to include some parts of the Daniel story (including his marriage) but did not really explained why. The third part is more interesting, with some good interviews (John Duthie, Antonio Esfandiari) about how Negreanu became the ultimate poker ambassador, relentlessly promoting the game and speaking a lot (too much?) about issues, rules, etc... That part is essential, especially when Negreanu talk about many controversies he's been involved in. But again, I think it could have been more relevant to focus on one or two topics (the Full Tilt scandal?). It's a little bit too quick, too superficial to my taste. My favorite part of the movie is at the very end : the Daniel's speech at the Poker Hall of Fame. Some will say he's hollywooding, not sincere, but I like to believe he's telling the truth and it's touching. His love of the game, his dedication to it and his friendly attitude at the table are, in my opinion, making him a fascinating character and the n°1 poker player. In many ways Negreanu is now the face of the game, the incarnation, like Mohammed Ali for boxing or Jordan for basket-ball. But every great champion's journey has good sides and bad sides and I feel we miss some in the movie. It's often "very promotional", too clean compared to a documentary like "Nosebleed". I was confused at the end of the screening, because I felt the best part is when Daniel is away from the table, reflecting on his career, talking about how he wanted to make his mother proud, how he gave almost everything to his passion. But I don't think the poker footage is very well used here and some interesting topics are not enough covered, or not covered at all. I have mixed feelings about the movie and I would be happy to discuss more about it.
  8. [Las Vegas] Restaurants

    Hi all, I'm planning a trip to Vegas this fall, excited to play and happy to be back in some great restaurants... but I'd love to check new places! What restaurant / dishes did you like recently in Las Vegas ? Any great bargains ? All tips welcomed ! Thanks
  9. Hi, found some links to poker festivals scheduled this fall in Las Vegas. Please add more! The "Wynn Fall Classic" is underway: http://www.wynnpoker.com/wynn_classic.cfmNext week at the Venetian Sands Poker Rom, the last DeepStack Extravaganza of the year: http://www.venetian.com/content/dam/lasvegas/venetian/master/main/home/casino/DSE_IV_2015-Schedule.pdfWSOP Circuit stops at Planet Hollywood mid-November: http://www.wsop.com/tourney/tourneydetails.asp?groupID=1175From December 4th to December 19th, the WPT Five Diamond at Bellagio: http://wptmedia.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/WPT-S14-Five-Diamond-Tournament-Schedule.pdf
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