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  1. How French poker players speak poker-English.

    Why is poker ?
  2. Boobies

    Insane. Btw, she just had a baby, I didn't dare post a pregnant photo, but it's pretty awesome (Instagram)
  3. Boobies

    @mathildegoehler +
  4. Isildur1's world (& Nosebleed news)

    TWO MONTHS, FOUR MILLION by Pete, HSDB. Da beast.
  5. We have a compass prophet in France, know as "the man with 1001 shirts", but we all call him Getxi the magnificient. He isn't stingy with tips, you can ask him easily.
  6. Film review: Mississippi Grind

    And yet...
  7. He didn't say hello

    So, guys ?
  8. HERE IS the thread of our brilliant and henceforth Solid, Degen, Viktor Blom. Rail, swings, any news about the High stakes life or all which concerns the fabulous Swedish: post all that you got ! Go railbirds !
  9. La vraie poste

  10. Hottest Girls

    Because Winter is coming Alexandra Markina
  11. Boobies

  12. RFU

    Do you know the legendary Fougeres Poker Club guys ?
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