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    Daps reacted to Sn8ke in Your first post on the forum   
    We all started one day, the first time is never glorious, don't be affraid of ridicule and post your very first post.
    Here mine:

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    Daps reacted to Sn8ke in A female singer walked on leash by a TV presentater seen by Amaury Leveaux   
    Someone knows who are the protagonists? Thank you.
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    Daps reacted to Skip in La vraie poste   
    Hey guys !
    Tell whatever you have on your mind within this thread, even if it brings you to HU4ROLLZ or even better to the post-office.
    Poker is a great game, it brought us together, but sometimes it is good to let it aside for a few hours, get out in the wild, meet actual people, drink alcohol, do coke, party, shag, and quickly come back ITT to share the CSB with the friends from Le Internet. 
    This is my thread, this is your thread, this is La vraie poste. Enjoy !

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