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  1. Does anyone know when the rankings get updated?? I finshed 8th in the Breaking Badugi last week, it was my first tournament here and my first ever Badugi tournament.
  2. First time I ever played Badugi, made the final table & finished 8th, thanks for the tournament.
  3. Why do so many people register then sit out??
  4. Thank you. I only registered today at Club Poker, but I did not receive an email about the password and I also cannot find it on the tournament page. There were 646 people registered for the tournament so I don't know where they got the password from.
  5. Donna1906 how do you usually get the password please? I am new here.
  6. You are registered for the tournament so you must have got it.
  7. I'm disappointed as I would like to play in the tournaments :-(
  8. hi adm

    I also cannot seem to access the password, I am registered at Pokerstars and I have validated my name here. Pleae can you help?
  9. Why won't the password show for me?? I am registered on PokerStars and I have validated my name here.
  10. Where do I find the password?

    Same here, I can't seem to find the password :-(
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