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  1. There are a few other poker sites I've seen that got hacked. It was recommended that everyone change their passwords on all poker accounts to be safe. I personally, change my password every week to be safe because I'm dealing with personal information. I know it may be tedious to keep changing and memorizing new passwords but ...cliche alert, I'd rather be "safe than sorry." I wish there was a stronger software to combat these hackers but they always seem to be one step ahead of everyone. Shame.

  2. At the heart of the kid documentary, it's about following his dreams and achieving success against high odds. You don’t have to love playing poker to enjoy this film. In fact, you could almost take poker out of the equation, if it weren’t for the successes that were seen by Negreanu throughout his career. His incredible record of winning $32.4 million in live cash has put him into the Poker Hall of Fame, and his six-time World Series of Poker bracelet wins is even more outstanding. In fact, he’s the highest-earning poker player of all time. So I suggest everyone go watch this documentary and you might even walk away from the film a poker fan if you weren't one already. Gosh, I'm such documentary nerd.


  3. In anticipation for this license, PokerStars has been trying to keep its brand recognizable to all of the former players that were familiar with the previous branding with a lot of pre-marketing.

    It may very well take a bit of time for PokerStars to raise ground again since they're low on the social media platforms with a small twitter following etc. Their absence took a hit. The regular PokerStar players may have accounts without detailed operators or are staying within the black market.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, not just because of it being about Molly Bloom and how she organized a massive underground for celebrities and high rollers to play poker games illegally but because I love Kevin Costner. I've read Molly's book, and I will see this movie. Too bad she was prosecuted by the United States Federal Courts for it, but now we get a cool movie to see.

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