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  1. Peep Show

    Series 9 v2 now on C4 - voici s9e1 - enjoy
  2. The internet cats thread

    The real Bambou 49 and his sister look at the bankroll…
  3. Welcome to Club Poker!

    Hi - this is basically a question about the Club Poker tournaments (HORSE etc) on pokerstars.com - specifically the exotiques. For a start, living in France, I'm always directly forwared to the .fr (I don't have a VPN). I don't have access to the .com. But I notice that when I play exotiques en cash game (albeit play money) during the night (CET) there are people from all over the world who play, which suggests that there's some kind of global access somewhere along the line: some interlinking between the .coms and .fr etc. So, to play in CP tournaments in the US, I presume you need a) access to the .com (via VPN), and b) a US bank account (even though it's play money). I say all that because in France we either have the tournaments CP, or play money cash games on PS, but the only tournaments in France seem to be at 5000 euro (play money), and as I've never made the effort to accumulate so much, it seems a bit of a shame. Thanks Mark
  4. Welcome to Club Poker!

    Yippee - no more need to spell check my posts . Good thinking Batman!
  5. The internet cats thread

  6. The internet cats thread

    Not a Brazilien then?
  7. Здравствуйте. Я хотел бы предложить вам соблюдать турниры видеть то, что играет. Это трудно описать омаху, стад, Draw и Razz здесь. H.O.R.S.E представляет собой сочетание игры. (Hello. I would suggest you observe the tournaments to see what is played. It is difficult to describe Omaha, Stud, Draw and Razz here. H.O.R.S.E is a combination of games).
  8. TV shows

    Hi - all my favourite shows seem to have a bald theme My fave comedy would have to be Seinfeld: «the show about nothing»... it amazingly survived the pilot and first few series, and the last episode got 90 million viewers.... but in between it influenced a lot of the comedy we see today. This is George (based on Seinfeld writer and ex stand-up Larry David) Larry David went on to make his own improv series on HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I'd also recommend....... Finally, no 'all time' list should be without Steven Bocho's NYPD Blue (succesor to Hill Street Blues) - it's gotta be my all time favourite opening title sequence featuring a bald guy!
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