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  1. Nice article - I must admit, as an Englishman living in France, the forums and the chat take a while to get used to - it took me ages to work out the true sense of chatter/chattard (yeah, at first I really did think it meant a «bavardeur».  It's true that French poker tables use a bastardised mix of English and French: I see the non-existant verb 'folder' all the time, but never 'parier' - which is what we basically do.  Interesting too that virtually everybody knows and uses English abreviations like GL, BJ, NH, GG...

    But the worst thing when you start has to be all the abreviated text language used by the players.  If you've got 4 or 5 tables going on, by the time you've worked out that 'G n tk 5' actually means 'j'ai gagné un ticket de 5 euro/I won a five euro ticket' (crap example I know, can't think of a good one right now), well the chat's long since moved on to another subject.

    Interesting as well that most players use T for 10 - never D for dix, Q and K - never D and R for dame and roi , but the jack is split 50/50 between J and V.


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