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  1. Newbies tips for me

    have patience
  2. hi hi i was banned from GG Poker for having a Poker Hud, acceptable in PokerStars, 888, & PartyPoker on my computer, seems they not like Huds.Wait ... NO .... not for using it on GG Poker - but for merely having it on my computer.I was on break playing on tables at PokerStars... I logged into GG Poker, merely to see when next day was a Twitch Streamers home game ... note... not to play, just see schedule quickTheir software pops up, says: bad 3rd Party Software... i immediately reply to the pop up by email to security, and explained, and say sorry understand and wont do again... but i am frozen out of site.I contact support... they say need talk to security. I send two e-mails to them explain politely, beg look at data i haven't played at GG Poker for weeks, and ask ban be lifted.... i get an answer after a few days basically says F you, we no want you on our site, banned for 3693 daysI reply say... how can you ban me for using restricted software - when I not played on your site - look at your records? Like what business is it of theirs,,, what programs i have on my computer? I ask for address to contact who in charge, someone I can appeal to... no answerI also sent a plea for help to a streamer who is their ambassador and plays on twitch - no answerGeeze I am new and play micro stakes.. I not a criminal.Sucks when you feel falsely accused and sentenced... without appeal or anyone to talk to. They act like little punch drunk with power, fascists.So they do this often? Look for ways to easy steal people's money .. a better return than rake? I WARN you stay away from this outfit. GG POKER... *sighs* can anyone help me?
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