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  1. Wow, what a crazy bet it is. But I feel so bad for a guys. Now he needs a lot of rest and time to recover. Back pain can be a big issue. Not all painkillers may help to reduce and even eliminate a pain. Sometimes you have to use a hemp oil https://www.payspi.org/cbd-hemp-oil-for-pain-relief to recover from it.
  2. EPT Barcelona: Michael Soyza wins €10K High Roller

    Wow, feel so happy about him. I am currently also training hard and a lot in order to achieve his level. Thanks God http://www.kedaicasino.net has a free and demo accounts for such noobs as I haha So I don't have to spend my real money and can train and develop my skills playing online!
  3. 400$ loan

    I would recommend to read this article https://cashflashloans.com/how-it-works.html and realize how these loans are actually working. It will be better to understand it before you're actually taking a loan
  4. Banned by GG POKER - unjustly

    The think is that you have been using a wrong poker HUD, you should have tried a software from Hand2Note. Their software is probably the best right now + the probability to be banned is miserable comparing to other big and famous programs
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