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  1. The tournament is in the lobby, but again there is no tournament here, in the calendar, and, therefore, we can't get a password
  2. I can't find the tournament in the lobby. Can you share the tournament ID? Or is it not scheduled?
  3. Can you update the password for today's game, please? It's not being shown today again Or are these tournaments cancelled permanently and that is the reason why there is no password for the third game straight?
  4. No tournament last Thursday but there was a password, today there is a tournament but there is no password
  5. It looks like there is no tournament scheduled for today in the lobby.
  6. Click on "tournaments" in the header, then you'll see the schedule and today's tournament. Then click on "get the password"
  7. Is it a permanent change that blind levels are 3 minutes? It's the second tournament like that as far as I've noticed.
  8. Why the blind level was changed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes? Got into tournament 30 minutes in the late reg - got a stack of 5 big blinds... lol
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