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  1. Jungleman quits poker to take up improv and acting?

    Good poker players are not former players. If you have already embarked on this path, then you cannot refuse this excitement. In a good way. Though sometimes you will play, in between construction of an acting career. I have been playing poker in promo codes for syndicate casino already 10 years, I have already become a VIP player, but my husband was against it, I promised to quit playing, but I missed the excitement and now I sometimes play in pleasure. So I know what I'm saying)
  2. Las Vegas Re-Opens as COVID-19 cases spike in the Southwest

    all people are already very tired of the theme of coronovirus.
  3. 2019 WSOP Europe schedule officially released

    great news though not new
  4. Paris is the second city after Las Vegas where I would like to play in a casino. It seems to me that in Paris, even gambling is entwined with romance.
  5. All Nevada casinos, including Las Vegas, closed during April

    This is a blow to the casino, but an escape from the epidemic for people. After all, if there are no players, what is the point of a casino? A casino is such a lucrative business that I think a pause of a couple of months will not be able to inflict serious losses on it. Moreover, each casino has its own online casino site, and there the number of players will only increase, for example, I discovered gambling on the site https://www.firstcomicsnews.com/batman-gaming-a-different-way-to-enjoy-the-cape-crusader/only when quarantine began. Before that, I was not interested in this topic. I am sure that I am not the only one who was looking for fun and easy money and came to an online casino. Therefore, the casino in Nevada has no reason to worry, especially since the quarantine will end soon and everything will fall into place.
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