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  1. Jungleman quits poker to take up improv and acting?

    It is not really the first time that "Jungleman" has been involved in murky issues within poker, what cannot be denied is that he is a crack in this game. I think the best thing is what he is doing ... walking away while the water returns to its channel and then it will return renewed. In the example they mention the great Michael Jordan when he left the NBA and tried his luck in the minor leagues of baseball, but he forgot to mention that he later returned to the NBA, to continue doing magic where he was the best, this is what will happen with Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, I have no doubt.
  2. Atlantic City casinos reopen on July 2 with masks mandatory

    There will be some limit on the number of players at a poker table to respect social distancing, for example a maximum of 6 people per table. The important thing is to expect everyone to respect the regulations and prevent someone from contracting the virus and closing all casinos again, as has happened in other states. Hopefully people behave responsibly and casinos quickly expel those who disrespect health regulations
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