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  1. The result may be different. It depends on what kind of place you will occupy. It is also very important what the contribution for the start is. Sometimes it's a few dollars. Sometimes it's several thousand dollars. It is from the amount of contributions of all players that the prize fund is formed, which is divided among the winners. The more players, the bigger the prize! If winning such a tournament seems too unlikely for you, then I advise you to try yourself at reputable casino sites not on gamstop, as this is aimed at individual players. I think that your chances here will be much higher.
  2. has he tried sports betting? That was the way I got out of the debt hole:)
  3. The best player of Warcraft and Starcraft of 2001 is back, it's just unbelievable!!!
  4. Too late for me. Are they going to plan something similar in the nearest future? Honestly, I desperately miss gambling in different casinos with a bunch of friends. As you already know, it is impossible to do during a pandemic. Especially after a few local casinos in my area have shut down and never reopened after the first lockdown. I think gambling online is the only possible option right now. I started to gamble on https://kiffslots.co.za/free-spins but I never noticed that organized any sort of tournaments.
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