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  1. your tournaments evolution

    I get bored reading because every book says the same thing, just in a different way. I learn by watching videos, to see what good players do in different situations. Things I thought I was doing right, WAS WRONG. So I adjust my game and get an immediate improvement. I need to improve my poker math skills now.
  2. FullTilt freeroll

    When I try to log into Fulltilt, it says it no longer exists and to down load PokerStars which I have. So am I able to play this tournament on Pokerstars.
  3. Anyone that offered help thanks, but I am not able to register with Unibet from Mexico no matter what I have tried
  4. Are the tournaments on FullTilt available on Poker stars. I am unable to log into FullTilt.
  5. Have fun! Thats is fine except the tournaments are all on Unibet and I can not register from Mexico.
  6. Is it possible to deposit funds to a site like Club Poker and use that to play on any other poker site rather then setting up and depositing to each individual site. Any winnings are deposited back to my Club Poker account. It would make it so much easier than having funds spread across multiple sites.
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