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  1. Hi guys, I am spending a lot of my time in Brussels for the job, and would like to know if there are some places to play No Limit Holdem and if so what are the best spots. Let's then share all of our input regarding Live Poker in Brussels ITT. Thanks !
  2. Boobies

    DAT THREAD Post ITT, save the boobies !
  3. RFU

    Awesome ! I actually moved to the city since then. I sometimes miss our good ol' carillon, but as Dad would say... Business is business ! However I'd be glad to share a drink with a fella from home ! We def. should pop in, someday.
  4. Your first post on the forum

    In before DiCaprio memes.
  5. RFU

    For once in my life, I am first. FIRST, ffs ! You have no clue how much it would mean to my poor Dad. Born in Tenesse, he raised my sister and I in Dayton, Ohio. It was not easy everyday, especially with the sis. I don't know why, but she was getting straight into teenager's crisis at 8. Anyway, being the oldest, I had to keep her mouth shut. This is when the competition began... Every single time we had the change to compete for anything, as much eating pizza than finishing the homework, Dad pushed us against each other. Since then, I purchased all my life, in vain, this unreachable goal. And today, here I am, writing the first entry of the FIRST blog of en.clubpoker.net. I think I might need a FAP. brboobs.
  6. La vraie poste

    Hey guys ! Tell whatever you have on your mind within this thread, even if it brings you to HU4ROLLZ or even better to the post-office. Poker is a great game, it brought us together, but sometimes it is good to let it aside for a few hours, get out in the wild, meet actual people, drink alcohol, do coke, party, shag, and quickly come back ITT to share the CSB with the friends from Le Internet. This is my thread, this is your thread, this is La vraie poste. Enjoy !
  7. I literally pouffed when I saw this thread.
  8. 2015 WSOP November Nine Betting Odds

    I bet the house on Max Steinberg with those odds !!!
  9. And let's bring the first thread saver, for History's sake After all, I have recently heard from a great mind that boobs were the key to success.
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