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  1. Good afternoon!

    But it is not how it is said. Here you speak only does not pay to get in, and then the winners of numbers, that is, there can reward someone with nothing. Simply should not announce anything. Outside the website also has numbers indicating that they are gains that had players through the club championships, but this has to be specified.
  2. Good afternoon!

    No. he says he has no price to get in, but shows that it has awards so. So much so that all play for it. Yourself in another topic was asking about the award.
  3. Good afternoon!

    Do not know. What I know is that all guys announce a number of people who will be awarded, and then simply remove it. I took 10 itm and have not received anything or satisfaction. Announces that it has award, would have to pay, otherwise it is false advertising.
  4. Good afternoon!

    So you guys are being dishonest. Because you guys yes announce the prize, and when this coming itm voces withdraw the prize.
  5. There is no one who can answer questions about the forum? It's getting ugly already pro club members leave unanswered.
  6. Poker tickets

    hey web master could you please answer my doubts on another topic?
  7. Where I click to see the information that u posted here korostishev?
  8. I wonder why not have won any awards having been 9 times in ITM, someone could answer? blackjugger implemented 9 ITM in poker tournaments, and won a total of $ 0.
  9. Some awards for second

    Good afternoon my friend. I also discouraged after that. Post whenever you have so many awards and then withdraw the prizes, moreover no one answers these questions and we were without news of whether or not we win something. So does not pay to participate, I won two tournaments, I was a second, out others who stayed in itm to not win even an answer? Unfortunately so it is strange and not of to refer people to enter as I always do. But I do not know anything my friend, I'm waiting for an answer. And excuse my horrible English, it is google translator.
  10. Hello, good night! I wonder if win something this monthly club championship, and I was second.
  11. I won this tournament before being member
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