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your tournaments evolution

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I am specialized in tournament and would like to know and/or share the way you do, to improve in your own poker tournaments game. 

I did love to read books:

-harrington's trilogy

-phil gordon's trilogy

-kill phil's trilogy

And many others books not directly linked to tournanents but good for the poker overall. I love to read book as they save time and practice for me. They resume some behavior and line to have, that you would learn in the field (losing) otherwise.  I also read on forums and talk to people. Right now i feel i do not need to read more book, as they end quite the same for me. I have a bit of over-information and feel i cannot ingurgitate more of that, but apply it. So i need to do something else. 

I think a lot by myself and review mentally each of my live MTTs, and also review some of my online  mtts with my tracker. 


What do you do?

What did make you improve the most?

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I get bored reading because every book says the same thing, just in a different way. I learn by watching videos, to see what good players do in different situations. Things I thought I was doing right, WAS WRONG. So I adjust my game and get an immediate improvement. I need to improve my poker math skills now.

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