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Welcome to Club Poker!

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We're happy to welcome you on Club Poker, the newest but nicest poker community :)

As you may know it or not, the Club Poker is originally the largest French poker forum, and was founded in 2002 (when dinosaurs were still alive). As it became pretty popular, we thought it would be great to open an english version, that would provide the same services to all the poker players in the World.


There are plenty of things to discover with the Club Poker.

The news

First, there are the great news provided by a great man, @Pauly McGuire, the guy who'll give you the latest tips and scoops from the poker world. He is the author of Lost Vegas, the famous book that shows you what's behind the curtain in Vegas.

The forum

The forum is where you'll find the hottest stuff and discussions. It's super easy to use all the tools at your disposal, like the rich text editor, automatic videos and tweets embedding, attached files and much more.

The reputation system (+1 / -1) is a funny way to like or dislike others' content. Depending on your positive or negative ratings, your holothurianism will skyrocket or plunge into infinite darkness.


What's the holothurianism?

For each of your post, you may receive a positive or a negative rating. Your reputation is the sum of all the ratings you've received.

So, if you're an appreciated member, you'll get a positive reputation, otherwise a negative one.

But holothurianism is even better than that :)

It allows to differentiate 2 members who would have 2 identical reputations (for instance +100), but:

  • one of the 2 members would have a +100 reputation with 200 messages,
  • the other one would have a +100 reputation, but having posted only 50 messages.

The 2nd member is then a more appreciated member than the 1st one, because he managed to get +100 with only 50 messages, versus 200 messages for the 1st one.

Holothurianism represents this difference, by being the ratio between a member's reputation and his total of messages. In this way:

  • The 1st member gets an holothurianism of: 100 / 200 = 0,5 = 50 %
  • The 2nd member gets an holothurianism of: 100 / 50 = 2 = 200 %

The higher a member's holothurianism is, the better this member is liked from the whole community, taking into account the number of messages he posted.

The blogs

To share your experience with the community, you can start your own blog – everyone will then be able to read your blog entries, and post comments. It's a great way to share your own content apart form the forum.

The gallery

The gallery is where you can host your images, and then easily post them in the forum or in your blog. Forget all the free images hosting providers: here at Club Poker, we keep your content without a time limit, and without storage limitation! You can create your own albums, and post comments on others' publications.

The rooms and tournaments

We've published comprehensive poker rooms tests – check them out!

The Club Poker is also organizing each week many private tournaments. That's the best place to play tournaments between members of the community, and there are many added prizepools. All tournaments are password-protected: declare your poker nicknames to get them!

If you manage to be ITM, you'll then be part of the Club Poker rankings, a fun and friendly way to know who's the best among us.

By declaring your poker usernames, you'll also get your poker results on your profile page, and maybe be part of the best online performances.

Poker Map

Poker Map is the ultimate tool to find live poker tournaments all over the world. Choose a country, and voilà! All the info you need is here. Poker Map currently lists ~6,500 tournaments for the next 3 months, but new ones are added every day.

The casinos and clubs list is also available for a growing number of countries.

The editorial content

We're working hard to provide to you great articles about poker. You'll currently find all the variants rules, a great set of articles about Las Vegas, and other ones about the history of poker and the history of playing cards.

If you feel like a poker writer, this website is yours! We're an open community; don't hesitate to stand out and be part of it.

The poker dictionary

Here is a comprehensive list of poker definitions, that might help you in your day-to-day learning of poker tricks.

Missing one? Tell us!


If you have any question, have a look at the FAQ. There might be some interesting tips over there.


We're thrilled to open Club Poker, and we hope you will enjoy it. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to ask!

Have fun :) 

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Hi - this is basically a question about the Club Poker tournaments (HORSE etc) on pokerstars.com - specifically the exotiques.  For a start, living in France, I'm always directly forwared to the .fr (I don't have a VPN).   I don't have access to the .com.  But I notice that when I play exotiques en cash game (albeit play money) during the night (CET) there are people from all over the world who play, which suggests that there's some kind of global access somewhere along the line: some interlinking between the .coms and .fr etc.

So, to play in CP tournaments in the US, I presume you need a) access to the .com (via VPN), and b) a US bank account (even though it's play money).  

I say all that because in France we either have the tournaments CP, or play money cash games on PS, but the only tournaments in France seem to be at 5000 euro (play money), and as I've never made the effort to accumulate so much, it seems a bit of a shame.




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