There are many variations of poker and new games are still being invented. Despite the different forms of poker, the rules are pretty much standardized throughout the world. Does not matter if you are playing Texas Hold'em in Asia, Europe, or South America….because the rules are universal.

Most poker games fall into one of three major categories: Hold'em, Stud, and Draw.

  • The HOLD'EM family of games is played with community cards (usually five). These games include the popular Texas Hold'em and Omaha (such as Omaha Hi/Lo and Pot-Limit Omaha). Also members of the Hold'em family include Courchevel, Double Hold'em, and Omaha 5.
  • The DRAW family includes all games in which no cards are dealt face up. Members of this family include 5-Card Draw, Badugi, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, and (California) Lowball.


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