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Monday November 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Tom Dwan short deck video staying ahead of the curve

Poker King produced a new video featuring one of their ambassadors, Tom Dwan. Dwan sat down with pro Nick Shulman to discuss how he was able to stay ahead of the curve in the high stakes realm with PLO and Short Deck poker. Many pros regard Dwan as one of the Top 5 Short Deck players in the world, but he's been playing and studying the games much longer during his time playing nose bleed stakes in Macau and Asia.

Thursday March 29, 2018 at 4:06 pm
Fedor Holz and Dominik Nitsche interviews

Here come the Germans! Joe Ingram interviewed two of the top tournament players in the world for his Poker Life Podcast. Dominik Nitsche appeared on Tuesday, while Fedor Holz joined Ingram yesterday. The two German shared their thoughts on all things poker including delusional tournament players, lazy strategy, and playing big cash games in Macau.

Tuesday February 6, 2018 at 5:01 pm
Daniel Negreanu interview with PokerStars School

PokerStars School got a face lift. The site designed especially for beginners and poker noobs, recently posted a two-part interview with Daniel Negreanu. In the first part, Kid Poker dishes advice like why sleep is essentially to playing in tournaments. He also gave a couple pointers for satellite winners playing in the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold'em Championship (PSPC). In the second part of the interview, Negreanu goes a little deeper to discuss how Black Friday 2011 affected American pros. Negreanu also shares his thoughts on playing against the top young players in the world in Super High Roller events.

Wednesday November 22, 2017 at 5:42 pm
New Power Up Poker strategy site

Have you taken your shot at the newest tweak in online poker? PokerStars launched Power Up Poker, which they hope will revolutionize poker and entice video gamers to take the leap into real money gaming. The learning curve is evolving as we speak. Luckily, some folks launched a specific site dedicated to Power Up Strategy. In short, they are… "Developing winning strategies since day one! Op-poker is working to bring you the first dedicated platform for all your strategy needs so you can be the first to capitalize on the new Power Up poker format." Check out Op-Poker here.

Thursday October 12, 2017 at 4:26 pm
Paul Phua Poker: How to spot visual tells

Paul Phua added a new strategy video to his growing arsenal on YouTube. Phua is a regular in the biggest cash games in Asia. He tapped some of his fellow players at the nosebleed stakes to share their thoughts on visual tells. Some tips are provided by legends such as Fedor Holz and Steve O'Dwyer. Also contributing some tips... Sam Trickett, Timofey 'trueteller' Kuznetsov, Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, and Lucas Greenwood.

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Need Password Omaha God. Tengo problemas con el registro o no sé y no me deja logear con mi cuenta de Winamax aquí. Ayuda por favor. Llevo mucho tiempo queriendo jugarlo y no puedo. Alguna ayudita para enlazar mi cuenta de winamax aquí. O sí estoy en Educapoker, no puedo aquí?

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Hey guys! I have a super interesting hand scenario here that happened during a live game and welcome any thoughts/inputs on how each player should have played their hand. It was a 8-handed game with blinds of HKD 5/10 (US$0.65 / US$1.30). Highlight is that a friend of mine turned his Aces into a bluff on the river and managed to fold out 2 villains who had a better hand. 

Everyone's effective stack: Around HKD1800-2000 so 180-200BB

UTG: Qd-7d

HJ: As-Ac

CO: 8h-9c

SB: 8c-9h


Preflop Action: UTG opens for 30, HJ 3bets to 90, CO calls, SB calls and UTG calls (lollll). Pot: 365


Board: 10 spade -7 heart -7 spade


Board Action: SB donks out for 100, UTG calls, HJ calls and CO calls. Pot: 765


Turn: 6 of spade. The dirtiest card in the deck? SB continues for 220, UTG calls, HJ calls. Now action is back on CO who thought about it for awhile but he ended up folding his straight... Pot: 1425


River: 9 of diamond. SB now checks, UTG also checks, HJ rips it all in for 1200, effectively turning his aces into a bluff. So pot is now 2625. SB is sick to the stomach and wants a count of the chips, but ended up folding. UTG thinks about it as well... but folds. 


Some questions: 

1. Is turning Aces into a bluff on that river a good play? He had the Ace of spade, which blocks nut flush, which was a key consideration I think. Could also rep all the full-houses and even quad given SB and UTG checked the river to him 

2. The CO player's fold on the turn surprised me a bit but I can also understand his reasoning of being scared of full-house and flushes (given how the action played out). Should CO player raise the turn instead? 

3. SB's fold on the river is fine I think given he still had UTG player behind him and his straight loses to quite a few combos of flushes, full houses, and even quad. But would you call in his spot? 

4. If you had UTG player's hand, should fold on the turn?


If you want to see the hand live in action, feel free to check out my new poker vlog youtube channel (Episode 4). If you enjoyed the content, please subscribe to the channel to stay updated for future poker vlog :)



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Triple WSOP bracelet winner and online poker legend, Phil Galfond, is currently stuck €553,000 in his #GalfondChallenge heads-up battle against VeniVidi. The two have been playing €100/€200 PLO on Run It Once in a match spanning 25,000 and broadcast on Twitch. After 7K hands and ten days of action, Galfond won only once and posted eight losing days in a row.

[...] Read more…

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How would you like to be heading to Barcelona or London to play with your poker heroes?

MuchBetter is teaming up with their Twitch streaming ambassadors to offer you the chance to do just that through their inaugural Summer Series promotion. Do you have what it takes to represent your team in the Grand Final, and then in Barcelona or London? This is your chance to win a poker trip of a lifetime for just $10!

Prize Pool
1st – Full EPT Barcelona Main Event package (worth €9k inc hotels & expenses)
2nd – EPT Barcelona Main Event Seat (worth €5,3k, plus €1,200 towards expenses)
3rd – EPT Barcelona Main Event Seat (worth €5,3k, plus €1,200 towards expenses)
4th – EPT Barcelona Main Event Seat (worth €5,3k, plus €1,200 towards expenses
5th – Seat at Lex Live 2 in London including travel and accommodation + surprise VIP experience
6th – Seat at Lex Live 2 in London including travel and accommodation + surprise VIP experience
7th – Seat at Lex Live 2 in London including travel and accommodation + surprise VIP experience
8th – Sunday Million Ticket ($109 = €98) + £250 on their MB account

Which club will you represent in the Grand Final?

Each streamer will run a 4-week league Home Game season on the PokerStars Home Game platform to determine the top 100 players from each club who will advance to the Grand Final on Sunday, August 4th.

The Teams

Beaker Army
Club captain, Lex Veldhuis         

Team Op
Club captain, EVA Team OP

Spraggys Un-named
Team Club captain, Spraggy

The Shabanimals
Club captain, Arlie

ATB Rovers
Club captain, Fintan Hand

Grnd empire
Club captain, Felix Schneiders

How to enter…

Have you downloaded the MuchBetter App yet?

1. Download PokerStars and MuchBetter!
To start with you’ll need to download the PokerStars client and the MuchBetter app if you haven’t already.  

2. How to Join a poker club!
Now it’s time to join your favourite Ambassador(s) Poker Club on PokerStars. Follow these simple instructions: -Open PokerStars client
-Click ‘More’ -> ‘HomeGames’ on the right
-Select ‘Join a Poker Club’
-Enter Club ID and Invitation Code
-Wait for approval! 

3. Deposit Code!
It costs just $10* to join each Ambassador’s Summer Series league, with entry to each league accessed via each Ambassador’s unique deposit code (found under avatars above). Once you’ve deposited $10 using the MuchBetter method in PokerStars’ cashier (plus code), you’ll automatically be issued tournament tickets to join the all their league games.
*Each league game will then cost $0.55 to enter. 

4. Improve your odds of a Barcelona or London trip!
You can represent more than one Ambassador in the regular season (individual $5 deposits using each Ambassador’s code will need to be made) but only one in the Grand Final. Your top ranking league place will denote who you represent in the final, with unclaimed Grand Final seats going to the next player in the rankings. 

5. Get into the top 25!
The Grand Final will take place 2pm Eastern Time on August 11th with the top 25 performing players from each league table advancing (more details below).

For more information visit:

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The 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series has been releasing episodes of their high-stakes cash games in Jeju, South Korea. The sixth and latest episode features Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Paul Phua, Jason Koon, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Greenwood, and Dom Nitsche. Paul Phua and Tom Dwan were involved in a juicy pot worth $2.3 million after Phua woke up with Aces in an UTG straddle. You won't believe what happens next!

[...] Read more…

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I am working on a new poker beginners site, and i created a small questioner to see the community reaction and help focus this site,
if you can go in and fill it

and help by sharing it, that will also be great.. 

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Six players are still left in the hunt at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Zach Gruneberg is the big stack at the final table of the 2018 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Main Event. Former WSOP champ Joe McKeehen is second overall in chipsl. Also appearing at the final table... former WPT SHR Showdown champ Eric Afriat, Mike Marder, Stephen Song, and Justin Zaki. The total prize pool ended up a shade under $4 million with first place paying out $652K.

[...] Read more…

Pic courtesy of the Borgata Poker Blog

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The PokerStars London Festival set a £500K Guarantee for the Main Event in their upcoming series, which starts next week on January 22 and runs thru January 28. Three Platinum Passes to the 2019 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold'em Championship (PSPC) will be awarded in London. The winners of the Main Event, London Cup, and High Roller will also walk away with a Platinum Pass prize package valued at $30K USD. In addition, PokerStars added four new dates to PokerStars Live events including the MEGASTACK London, MEGASTACK Sanremo, Manilla MEGASTACK, and the APPT Korea.

[...] Read more…

Pic by Mickey May, PokerStars

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