Thursday February 20, 2020 at 4:19 pm

Poker returns to the historic Sahara Casino after a nine-year hiatus. The Sahara branding returned to the property in August 2019 after five years as the SLS. Six months after the Sahara reboot, the new seven-table poker room opened with a soft launch on February 14. The swanky poker room will cater to locals with a better overall poker experience, plus free parking with less than a five-minute walk to the newest room on the Strip in almost a decade.


The Sahara Casino is an integral part of Las Vegas history. The Sahara, with its African theme, became the sixth luxury casino built in Las Vegas after World War II. The Sahara constructed one of the first multi-towered properties and it became the first hotel/casino in Vegas with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

For a brief point in time, the Sahara was the place to be in Vegas and it became an epicenter for high rollers. Heck, even the Beatles stayed there in 1964 when the casino paid the four mop-topped fellas from Liverpool to play a gig for $25,000. That seems like chump change these days (isn't that a big blind in Bobby's Room?)

During its peak, the Sahara was also the location of the first "Ocean's 11" movie featuring Frank Sinatra and his buddies in the Rat Pack. The Sahara was the perfect setting for that post-WWII and "Mad Men" era of boozing and gambling.

Once the 1970s hit, the Sahara began its decline. Caesar's Palace and MGM Grand became the hotspots in town as high rollers and pretty people flocked to the south-end of the Las Vegas Strip to gamble and party. By the time the Mirage opened its doors, the Sahara became old news.

I first visited the Sahara in the 1990s after it had swapped owners a couple of times. They had just renovated the casino with a Moroccan theme. In the 1990s, the north end of the Strip had become a focal point for lo-fi gamblers, which was fine for a kid in his 20s without a lot of disposable income. One of the first places I played Texas Hold'em in Las Vegas occurred at the Sahara in 1998 during a crazy trip to see Phish play a Halloween show.

By the time I moved to Las Vegas full time in 2005, the Sahara was stuck in no man's land at the north end of Las Vegas Blvd. At that point in time, all the cool kids hung out at the Bellagio and the newly-opened Wynn. In fact, anything north of the Wynn was legit no man's land with only the rundown versions of the Circus Circus, Riviera, and Sahara were clustered together. The only reason to head to that part of the Strip in the closing years of the 20th Century was to do a drug deal or play poker at the Sahara.

At the time in the early 2000s, poker was in the middle of their glorious boom and the poker room at the Sahara attracted an eclectic mix of locals and beginner tourists. For a while, I became a fixture at their daily 7pm tournament. My roommate at the time, Grubby, never passed up a free meal so he introduced me to the 7pm NL hold'em tournament at the Sahara which he loved because of their free sandwiches. Yes, it's true... the poker room folks would set out a gigantic deli sandwich, which players would nosh on smaller pieces at their first break.

Of course, several local homeless folks and other street people were aware of the freebies and would show up to get fed. Sahara security had a tough time determining who was actually playing in the tournament and who was homeless and destitute. After all, poker players could look a little rough around the edges and show up shabbily dressed. Yeah, late night in Vegas we'd play "Working or Not Working" when trying to sift out the prostitutes from the liquored up party chicks from flyover states raging it up in Sin City. But at the 7pm Sahara tourney, we used to play: "Homeless or Poker Player". And sometimes the correct answer was... both.

I always thought it was fun to play in the 7pm tournament. I final tabled that event many times but could never win the damn thing. I had friends ship Sahara tournaments a few times, including the late night tournament that usually featured a lot of shitfaced tourists and unsuspecting fish.

The Sahara shut down in May 2011 and everyone assumed they would implode it and rebuild on top of it like they usually do in Vegas. That summer, you could go over to the property and buy a piece of memorabilia for peanuts. I always wanted one of the poker tables but was too lazy to arrange a truck to haul it away for me.

Instead of knocking the property down, someone foolishly tried to rebrand it as a high-end hotel (hello, SLS), but it didn't really work out. Thankfully someone realized they needed to do the right thing and bring back the old name. It's always been the Sahara in my book. After all, it's been in that spot since the early 1950s. It's where Frank Sinatra banged showgirls and the Beatles toked up.

So, the new poker room...

Poker will be available from 10am to 2am during weekdays, but no games will ever be shutdown due to last call. If the game wants to run until sunrise or longer, it will.

The poker room has seven tables. I should add, seven spacious tables. Look everyone knows that a poker room will not generate the same revenue as if it were cluttered with slot machines, but kudos to the folks running the Sahara to pay tribute and respect poker players by giving them a spacious and well-lit spot that's less than a five-minute walk to the parking garage. With the addition of free parking, the Sahara poker room will become an instant favorite among locals.

The comps are juicy at $2 per hour and there's a poker room rate. They also have table-side food service with excellent grub. No more greasy pizza and cold fries.

For sportsbetting degens who love to sweat a little action while playing poker, the poker room has a gigantic wall with screens. Know your crowd, right?

The Sahara re-opened a room that might not be a spot for high rollers, but it's great for casual playing tourists and locals.

The official grand opening will be on February 21, but it's been open since then. Stop by and check it out. Visit their website for more details.

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Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 11:58 pm
All Nevada casinos, including Las Vegas, closed during April

North America has not reached the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, Nevada will continue to close all casino properties for the month of April. In mid-March, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak closed all casinos for 30 days. At the start of April, Gov Sisolak extended closures through the end of April. He will make a decision to re-open the end of the month, but the outlook seems grim. As of March 31, there were 1,279 COVID-19 cases in Nevada with 26 fatalities.

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Galfond Challenge: Deficit Cut to €154K, VeniVidi's downswing continues

After 31 sessions of the Galfond Challenge on Run It Once Poker between Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and VeniVidi, Galfond is down - €154,287 as they approach 20,000 hands of their 25,000-hand heads-up bout playing €100/€200 PLO. Galfond stormed back after losing 900K during the first 15 sessions. His heater continued after he banked another six-figure winning day with a€106K score on Day 31. The Challenge resumes on Monday.

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Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond +€580K upswing, VeniVidi calls timeout

The Galfond Challenge on Run It Once Poker is on a short pause after VeniVidi asked for a couple days off during their recent downswing. Phil Galfond stormed back in the last two weeks while playing two tables of heads-up €100/€200 PLO against VeniVidi. After 28 sessions, Galfond is only stuck €319K after wiping out €581K in previous losses. The two have less than 7,500 hands to go in the first installment of the Galfond Challenge and action will resume on Thursday.

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partypoker to host online version of Poker Masters Online

The Poker Masters quickly became a popular series among the high roller crowd. With the quarantine underway during the coronavirus pandemic, the Poker Masters teamed up with partypoker to create the Poker Masters Online. The first installment will include 30 online events -- with buy-ins from $10K to $50K -- running from Sunday, April 12 through Sunday April 26, 20200 on partypoker. The first Poker Masters Online has a guaranteed prize pool totaling $15.2 million including a $2 million guaranteed Main Event.

Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 12:22 am
Las Vegas and Reno on Lockdown, All Casinos Closed for 30 Days Due to Coronavirus

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that all non-essential business will be shut down due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak. That decree particularly included shutting down all casinos including adjacent shops and restaurants for 30 days. Social distancing is the most effective way to slow down the spread of the virus, much to the dismay of gambling enthusiasts. At least Nevada residents have online options, but nothing in the virtual world can ever compare to the glitz and glamour of Sin City.

Monday March 16, 2020 at 3:29 am
The Bike and Commerce Casinos in LA, Plus Wynn and MGM Las Vegas now closed due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has officially shut down the Wynn and MGM properties in Las Vegas after Sin City saw their infection rate spike over the weekend. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the major casinos and card rooms closed including Commerce and the Bike. Not all casinos in America or around the world are closed, but major ones on the West Coast took drastic measures during the pandemic.

Thursday March 12, 2020 at 7:30 pm
Daniel Negreanu calls on all US poker rooms to close during Coronavirus Outbreak

Daniel Negreanu tweeted his thoughts on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has hit the US. He wants all poker rooms to close to help prevent the spread of the virus that the WHO upgraded to a pandemic. Meanwhile, earlier in the week PokerStars announced they were suspending tournaments in Europe through April due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

Tuesday March 10, 2020 at 4:54 pm
Galfond Challenge resumes, Phil Galfond storms back with €308K swing

After taking off a couple of weeks to catch his breath after a tremendous downswing in the inaugural Galfond Challenge on Run It Once, Phil Galfond and VeniVidi resumed their match with five sessions. They finally passed the mid-way mark of the 25,000-hand heads-up battle. On Day 20, Galfond won €92,803 for his third winning session since resuming the challenge. He's now stuck €592,309, which is a huge improvement from when he was €900K in the hole after the first 15 days.

Monday March 9, 2020 at 9:58 pm
Sam Trickett, Xia He Jiang, and Wai Leong Chan ship partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series Sochi events

The 2020 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series Sochi kicked off. Xia He Jiang won Event #1 $25K Short Deck for $378,000 after defeating John Cynn heads-up. Sam Trickett banked $435,000 for winning Super High Roller Series Sochi Event #2 $25,000 NL. The UK pro faded 58 entrants to take down the second event in Russia. The final seven also included Ivan Leow, Matthias Eibinger, Adrian Mateos, Timothy Adams, and Phil Ivey. In Event #3 $25K Short Deck, Wai Leong Chan defeated Paul Phua heads up for the trophy and $457,500 in cash.

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PokerStars Sunday Million celebrates 14 year anniversary with $12.5 Million guarantee

PokerStars will celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Sunday Million with a special event on Sunday, March 22, 2020 with a $12.5 million guaranteed prize pool, which will be the largest single tournament in PokerStars history. The 14th anniversary Sunday Mill is a re-entry event (up to three re-entries) has late registration open until Day 2. First place will win at least a cool million. China's Wang 'wangli0402' Li won last year's record-setting Sunday Million 13th Anniversary event.

Thursday March 5, 2020 at 2:42 pm
Balakrishna Patur leads 2020 WPT LAPC Final table

The 2020 WPT LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino on the outskirts of Los Angeles attracted 490 runners this year. With six to go, Balakrishna Patur heads into the final table with the chip lead. The final six also includes Matas Cimbolas, James Carroll, Ka Kwan Lau, Scott Hempel, and Upeshka De Silva. The final table resumes on April 2 at the HyperX eSports Arena in Las Vegas. First place pays out $1,015,000 plus a freeroll into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.

Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 4:27 pm
The Galfond Challenge Resumes

Phil Galfond decided to finish out his first round of the Galfond Challenge against VeniVidi after taking a couple weeks off during an ugly stretch of PLO. You can watch Session #16 right now via Twitch.