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Las Vegas is nicknamed "Sin City" for a reason. Whether you're in town for a bachelor party, convention, or a poker tournament, at some point one of your friends will blurt out, "Let's go to a strip club!".

Be careful and don't tell the doorman at your hotel or your taxi driver to take you to just any strip club. They will not always send you to the best one because they get kickbacks for directing tourists to specific establishments.

Here's a pro tip: if you have a few people with you, negotiate a free ride from your taxi driver. He'll be willing to do it because he gets a bonus per person he drops off. Also, if you have a large group, call up a strip club directly and tell them you have a ten or so wasted guys wanting to have a good time because more often than not, they will arrange for a limo to pick you up. If you get a free ride, don't forget to tip your driver.

Now, here are some of my favorite strip clubs in Las Vegas…

The Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino
The Spearmint Rhino girls

You have to visit the Spearmint Rhino at least once in your life. You can tell how good a strip club really is by their afternoon shift. Dancers working the day shifts are usually inexperienced or well past their prime. At the Rhino, their afternoon shift rivals the late night weekend shifts at many of the other joints in town.

The Rhino is in a class unto itself. They have the best crop of dancers… and they know it. We're talking about former models, porn stars, and wannabe Hollywood starlets. The Rhino is the most popular club in Vegas with the hottest girls, which means it is a zoo on the weekends and super crowded.

If you happen to stop by on a week night or during the afternoon, you'll still have an amazing time and have a better dancer-to-client ratio.


The Sapphire girls
The Sapphire girls

The Sapphire is billed as "the largest strip club in the world." I cannot verify that claim, but one thing is certain… Sapphire is massive and the size of a couple of airplane hangars. There are two floors, three major bars, and a specific room for big parties which is significantly larger than the average strip club.

Sapphire also has several VIP suites, a karaoke room, and skyboxes specifically designed to host bachelor parties and other private events. They embrace big sporting events and have specials for Monday Night Football. It's also a great place to watch the big UFC fights.

Due to its size, Sapphire employs the largest stable of dancers in all of Vegas. That means you have a specific taste or fetish, there's a very good chance you will be able to have your fantasies fulfilled by one of their dancers. If you have a very large group, Sapphire is probably the best option for your party crew.

Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse Vegas
The Crazy Horse III

You have to love a strip joint that has had two previous incarnations. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? The original Crazy Horse was one of the raunchiest clubs in all of Vegas. The Crazy Horse Too is most known as the strip club mentioned in the film Ocean's 11.

Crazy Horse III and the Posh Boutique (an after-hours nightclub) make up the Playground facility just off the Las Vegas Strip. Crazy Horse III looks more like a club than a strip joint, with the exception of the main stage that features a 20-foot pole, where some of the more acrobatic dancers show off their aerial moves.

Most tourists don't go to strip clubs for the food, but the Crazy Horse III has a unique twist because it offers a variety of sushi. If you have a large party, call 702-675-8033 to arrange a limo pick up, but please give them at least 24 hours advance notice.


Palomino Vegas
The Palomino

All of the strip clubs in Las Vegas have a rule… if they serve alcohol, then full nudity is prohibited. Luckily, there are a few exceptions.

Palomino's was grandfathered into the law, which means they offer up a full bar and all the nakedness you desire. You get a glimpse of the wild olden days of Vegas when you could drink to your heart's delight and be surrounded by naked women. I wouldn't necessarily say the dancers are the hottest in Vegas, but they are certainly among the most experienced and they're used to dealing with a rough and tumble crowd.

The Palomino has the Lipstick Lounge, which is a private room upstairs that you can only get to by walking up a large staircase with plush red carpeting.

The only drawbacks? Palomino's is not open 24 hours and is located in North Las Vegas.


Cheetah's Vegas
The Cheetah's

When I lived in Las Vegas, my friends loved Cheetah's because locals got in for free (provided you show a Nevada drivers license).

Cheetah's was the strip club featured in Showgirls and it was once the hottest club in town, but it's no longer as hip as some of the newer establishments. These days, Cheetah's is the strip club equivalent of a dive bar. It's dark and dingy and everyone around you is a little older and seriously degenerate, but there's kick-ass music and an anything- goes attitude.

Cheetah's doesn't have a huge stable of dancers, but the ones that work there have been around the block a few times and know how to show you a good time.

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Top 5 Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Top 5 Strip Clubs Vegas banner

Las Vegas is nicknamed "Sin City" for a reason. Whether you're in town for a bachelor party, convention, or a poker tournament, at some point one of your friends will blurt out, "Let's go to a strip club!".

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