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Why choose Unibet Poker?

  • User-friendly
  • Reasonably-sized tournaments
  • Monthly promotions well-integrated into the software
  • Smoothly-integrated achievement, challenge and mission system
  • Clear and user-friendly poker options
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Special features

  • Fun graphics
  • Ability to switch between 5 different avatars/usernames (3 per day)


  • Inability to choose your Cash Game tables
  • No play money tables

Unibet: the Swedish experience

Unibet is a Swedish operator whose brand has been well-established worldwide for over 15 years.

In 2014, the room launched its new colourful and innovative platform, which received an award for Innovation in Poker from EGR magazine. With a streamlined lobby that features everything a player needs, including fun special offers, Unibet gives a warm welcome to new players and prevents them from getting lost in advanced settings.

What's more, its exhaustive mission and challenge system means that players don't lose sight of the fun side of Poker while playing Cash Game, SnG or tournaments.

Unibet Main Lobby

Unibet Lobby

When you log into the software for the first time after creating your account, you will see the green-themed Unibet Lobby: very colourful without being overwhelming.

On the right side, you can find a wide selection of non-poker gambling games: blackjack, roulette, but also less popular games, such as Gonzo's Quest or Starbust. This review will not address these games: we will leave it you to discover them for yourself.

  • The main panel of the window is divided into several areas and, like many other rooms, it is optimized for mobile users.
  • On top is the menu bar. Similar to what you see on social networking sites, this area features the latest updates, the progress of your missions, your latest messages, your bankroll, as well as a big Deposit button.
  • The Identity area is in the top left corner. Your current avatar is displayed above the associated nickname, just as other players see it at the tables. Click in this area to choose which one of the four other avatar/nickname combinations you want to use, or to create a new one. You can also view your last achievements, the status of your challenges, your tickets (for Cash Game and tournaments), your potential bonuses, etc.
  • The areas in the upper right corner and at the bottom of the screen: on-going promotions are displayed in the top carousel, while the lower banner promotes the room.
  • The playing area: you can browse through the three enormous menus (CASH GAME, SIT & GO and TOURNAMENT). With just one click the corresponding lobby appears. On the right-hand side, you can filter and sort the tables or the tournaments available. Feel free to sit wherever you want.

Ultimately, Unibet's lobby is quite minimal and allows you to quickly join the table or tournament of your choice.

Unibet lobbies for tournaments, SnGs and Cash Game

Unibet Lobby Tourney

Though the lobbies are rather simple, functionality does not suffer as a result. For instance, you just need to click on a column header (STAKE, BUY-IN, BEGINS IN, etc.) to sort the data based on the values of that column. In the opposite image, tournaments are sorted chronologically by starting time.

Only five tournaments displayed ? That's not enough !

Unibet Planning

In the upper right corner of this (small) tournament lobby, click on the Full schedule button to simultaneously display up to twenty tournaments and apply several filters to them. In the opposite image, all the tournaments that cost between 1 and 25 euro appear. They are sorted in descending order of buy-in.


To return to the main lobby, simply click on the << button, in the upper left corner.


In this way Unibet‘s lobby displays upcoming tournaments, which players are more likely to register for. Though you can still browse through tournaments which start later.

Choosing your Cash Game table on Unibet

Unibet Cash Game

If you click on the CASH GAME button in the main lobby, the right side of the platform will show all the stakes that are currently available (in this example, NL4, NL10, NL25, NL50 and NL100). You can scroll to see the higher stakes. The second column displays the number of players currently seated. If you click on the green Play button, you will be seated at one of the available tables for the stake you've chosen.

As you have probably realised, players on Unibet cannot choose which cash game tables they join.

This system, called Quick Seat Lobby, reduces the waiting time for players who want to seat at a cash game table but means that you cannot choose tables depending on the other players. With Unibet's system, all tables are assigned randomly to ensure everyone enjoys a fair game.

Similarly, it is not possible to choose a SNG table. Players who join a €5 SNG will not be able to tell who they will facing before the beginning of the tournament.

Missions, notifications and challenges

Unibet Mass Achievements

Like many video games, Unibet offers a mission system. As soon as you log in to the software, visual notifications appear, keeping you updated on the status of the missions you have started.

Some of these missions run on a monthly basis (and therefore change every month!) while others missions can last longer.

Note that the first steps of all missions can easily be achieved. For instance, to complete the first step of January's mission, players had to:

  • look up the challenges
  • create a new identity
  • play a heads-up SnG.

In other words, nothing too tricky. However, with each new step the difficulty increases .

What are the missions for ?

Unibet Mission Purpose

When you complete steps of the missions available, you are rewarded with tournament tickets. The value of the tickets depends on the difficulty of the step.


A player who achieves step 1 of the January mission is granted a €1 tournament ticket. It is not much, but it is still quite good for something that can be done in minutes.

Achievements on Unibet

Unibet Achievements

To improve user experience, Unibet created an achievement system. Players who earn those achievements unlock badges.


The achievements have rather playful names. For instance, a player who finishes his first MTT (even if he does not cash in) unlocks the "Get rich" achievement. There are several types of achievement:

  • Achievements which require a specific action from the player: for example, "Around the world" (Use at least three different table skins in a month).
  • Achievements which will eventually be unlocked, but which the players have no control over: for example, "I like this dealer" (In No Limit Hold'em, receive Carte As Carte As twice in a row at the same table).
  • The "rougher" feats: "Millionaire" (Play a million hands).
  • And so on.

Even if they don't necessarily change the way users play, these achievements brighten up grinding.

Remaining (almost) anonymous while playing - now a reality !

Unibet Anonymous

You are sure to like several of the many avatars that Unibet offers. Unfortunately, a player can only use one avatar at a time. However, what's unique about Unibet is that you can switch between 5 different avatars (up to three per day), each one with a different username.

Thanks to this feature, you can:

  • fly under other players' tracker, since they won't be able to recognize you;
  • choose an avatar depending on your mood;
  • pretend you are a psychic (for instance, if you play against a friend, you can pretend that you know everything about him);
  • protect yourself from conspiracies (if you are a bit on the paranoid side).

You can create more than 5 avatars, but any new identity will erase a previous one.

Unibet Open, the Live extension of the online room

Unibet Open Copenhague

As well as online tournaments, Cash Game tables and SnG, Unibet also hosts a live circuit all across Europe. In 2014, several €550 tournaments, called DSO, took place in a variety of cities, such as Barcelona, San Remo and Gruissan. The Unibet Open, which are €1,100 tournaments, took place in Copenhagen, Tallinn (Estonia), Cannes and London.


Of course, for all these events, the room offers online satellites. For example, in February 2015, it was possible to register for the Copenhagen Unibet Open for free. However, in order to do so, a player had to go through several tournaments.

  • The best players in the freeroll won €2 tickets.
  • You could win €10 tickets in the €2 qualifying tournament.
  • You could win €50 tickets in the €10 qualifying tournament.
  • You could win €250 tickets in the €50 qualifying tournament.
  • Lucky players in the €250 qualifying tournament won a €2,000 package, which included the €1,100 buy-in required to play the tournament in Denmark.

Conclusion on Unibet

In 2014, Unibet received the EGR Innovation in Poker Award thanks to its user-friendly, colourful and effective platform. With its loyalty program (missions you need to complete), large choice of avatars and creative promotions, Unibet can stand its ground among other rooms, though its traffic may not compare.


In short, Unibet offers an enjoyable funky interface and plenty of average-sized satellites for its live circuit (Unibet Open). This room is perfect for players who don't want to put fun aside, as well as those who enjoy live tournaments and want to play a major event without spending hundreds.

Unibet Poker forum

A Unibet Poker forum is available for you here at Club Poker. Come and discuss about Unibet Poker, give your opinion and meet other players.

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